Anyone watching the build up to the American Grand Pricks


Shit I can’t take this grim American Razz-M-Tazz…I’ve muted the driver introductions, it’s fuckin’ embarrassing. :lou_facepalm_2:

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I’m hoping they all go down on one knee for the National Anthem.




Race doesn’t start until 10pm does it?


Only if you’re somewhere in Eastern Europe, around Athens I’d say. :lou_lol:


The replay might be. It’s on now.

Not watching it though. The whole thing is a bit of a circus these days as well as being as dull as ditch water imho.


Unfortunately not. Oh well, highlights will be quicker and more entertaining.

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Absolutely. They just have this gift don’t they, taking a normal sporting event and fucking it up royally. The Yanks somehow have this ability, King Midas in reverse, everything they touch turns to shit.

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Actually turned out to be a really good race.