Anyone want to comment upon this?

Nice to see normal people fighting back against the racists*. Well done to those enlightened enough to build understanding and community, also your good self, for seeing the hope, despite the very deliberate wording and choice of links from the journalist. That unfortunately is the modern BBC.

People need to take in what those two girls said and stop deluding ourselves that we are a tolerant lot. We’re not and never have been. England and America are two of the the most intolerant nations on earth. I cringe at the way immigrants and travelling foreigners are treated here. I have never been treated with the contempt i see here, on an almost daily basis, in any country i have ever lived/visited. Quite the opposite to be honest.

*Both sides Barry, but larger and more vocal on the white side

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I saw this last night on the news. I was incredibly cyncial about it, thinking it was just another government scheme which would come to naught as they so often do. However, when I saw the kids in the group and these two girls in particular, I was surprised at what seemed genuine understanding and appreciation of each other. I felt a bit ashamed at my cynicism.

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Southerners seeing the World from a Southern perspective, it isn’t surprising but it obviously isn’t the reality people feel in the North, or many of them.

The two girls were southerners?

On the contrary, I would say it is a class/education thing. There’s plenty of southerners who are racist or, at least, totally ignorant of ‘the other’. I mentioned my northern relatives in another thread. They’re racist without even really thinking about it and can barely comprehend how other people must live. But there are plenty of northerners I know who are far more tolerant and open - they tend (although not exclusively) to be better educated.


Anyone want to comment on this?


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