Anyone up for a new religion?

Anyone up for a new religion?


If you’re interested in being part of a religion, but wish no part of any of those nasty or backward ones, why not try this one?

All very nice and egalitarian, can’t see anything much by way of mentions of a deity, though the decor may not be to everyone’s taste…


Fuck , now even the church has gone to pot…


Does it entail sending them large amounts of money to be accepted as being one of “The Enlightened”?


I worship at the Church of Baz.


No religion would be a better choice.


Yeah , just imagine. Its easy if you try


Hmmmm, that gives me an idea,for a song…


Well you always were a dreamer


But I’m not the only one



A church that lets you smoke pot?



I like the decor …it’s like a ‘free high’, without the hassle of rooting around a soggy field at the crack of dawn, on a miserable october morning

… not that I’ve done that for a while I might add … ‘convenient’ is far more compelling than ‘free’ nowadays


I see that Phil’s Evening of Golf Stories and ITK Gossip didn’t quite sell out - maybe he shouldn’t have worn that Bletch shirt.



I’d like to point out that when I get a golf story audience at least one of them doesn’t look like they are asleep.


Does it involve fanny glitter?


Were YOU there?


Well it sort depends - I and you were sort of There as all the matter in the universe has always existed Just like all the energy so we have in effect been around in one form or another since the beginning of the universe. Unfortunately, as matter had not yet been used to evolve primates when the Dinosaurs were around I can’t claim to have seen them.

However, I do know that those who belive in creationism are stupid twats - those that teach it to innocent kids cunts


If Corbs doesn’t get in I’m starting my own political party.

It’ll be called The FTC Party, or to give it its full name, The Fuck The Cunts Party.

The tagline will be “The world is full of cunts. Fuck the cunts”. I imagine it would have broad appeal.

The principle could just as easily be transferred into a religious context :lou_sunglasses:


Well as I lay down to sleep each night I use the mantra taught to me by my step dad. Fuck 'em, they’re all cunts out there.


Ah, so that accounts for your sunny and cheerful disposition @cellone ?