Anyone on here have a Wahoo Kckr?

Can’t wait to get one but they’re all OOS, so anyone on there, I’m getting it solely for zwift but does anyone use any other apps for it?

Is this Swahili?


Ha Ha no its a bike trainer for using indoors.

Hmm. Fatty Sanchez, is it?

Ha Ha no, this is cardio work, I use my concept 2 for strength and echelon for cardio also, fighting fit young man.

But I’ve pulled my groin so I’m screwed for a week.


Yes and some.

Does this mean you’ve been going prostrate and not five knuckle shuffle? Must be a pain in the arse.


I see what you did there.

Wasn’t me guv.

Leftover gerbil, fighting for survival? :smiley:

Jesus wept, is this poor uni humour?

Hardly. Swahili is a language with a defined and recognised syntactic and lexicological structure.

Do you lose weight as well as vowels?

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