Anyone Got A Virgin V6 Tivo Box?

Anyone Got A Virgin V6 Tivo Box?


Just upgraded our old Tivo Box over the Virgin helpline and was told the Virgin Hub has to be within 3 metres of the Tivo Box.

My hub in the next room…is this critical to be so close to the box??


Only if you’re connecting via WiFi I would have thunk, if you’re hard wired in with an ethernet cable you should be fine.


Yep but the hub is not exactly the next room…more in the next room down the hallway so not by ethernet. @btripz


I’ve not got any sort of TIVO box but I guess if your WiFi signal is strong at the location of your Tivo box then you’ll be fine.

If not you can get powerline adapters or WiFi extenders.


Yeah my wifi signal is strong…I can connect my TV to the hub for the Amazon Prime/Netflix interactive content so I was wondering why they were asking if my Hub was within 3 metres of the new Tivo Box. Surely if it was connecting with wi-fi it would have a better range than 3 metres. Odd.

The new box arrives on Saturday…won’t have much of a wait to find out.


I’m guessing that the TiVO box will use a fair bandwidth of your WiFi signal (doesn’t it record 20million channels whilst you watch 5 gazillion others) so they are suggesting it’s close to the hub to counteract interference etc. etc. etc.

If you get problems they will tell you to move the hub before they will trouble shoot.


If I have to move the hub they can fuckin do it…it means they will have to drill trough walls etc to relocate.


Have you got your new box set up yet Slowlane ?

Working ok ?


Haha…no not yet, I’ll do it tomorrow. There’s Cricket and Football on today so I didn’t want to risk running into trouble and having our main TV inoperative.

There’s not likely to be a problem, the reason why they recommend having the hub within 3 metres of the box is that’s the length of the Ethernet cable they give you. If the hub’s in another room you can connect with wi-fi. Should be plain sailing.

Thanks for your concern… @steveintheforest xxx




:lou_lol: @btripz


I can always delete the tweet I sent earlier @steveintheforest :lou_lol:


Aaaw thanks @btripz


Slowey getting frustrated by a virgin’s box? Must be an age thing


It’s such a long time since I got near one…hymen trouble remembering what goes where. :lou_smiley:


Let joy be unconfined…Our new Virgin V6 Tivo Box is fully functional :lou_lol:


Yay, the joys or recording 6 programmes whilst you wartch another :lou_facepalm_2:


Can you do that? Now you’ve got me really excited. :lou_lol: