Anyone going to Potter along for a drink? AKA Stoke and Kidney failure Pie(nts)

Hmm, will the thread title get @areloa-grandee 's seal of approval?

So, a couple (or more) pints before the most boring match of the decade so far?

A couple or three afterwards?


I have a engagement party to attend in Southampton on the Saturday evening so I wil be having a few afterwards to prepare myself.


I will have attended the youngest daughters wedding so will be none the wiser as to what happens any wherelse in the world .


I’m sure I’ll be able to make it along for the pre-match beers, though probably not the post-match ones. I’ll raise a glass to Phil and his daughter, of course!

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I suppose ‘Stoke and Kidney failure Pie(nts)’ is a bit of a reach.


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too fooking complicated

Who is this Ferret boke?

As for approval… As i stumbled across this humble thread… I was struck by the modest yet noble effort of BTits in attempting to get back to our historical, hysterical award-winning comedy thread titles… but improveent will only come if we are willing to provide constructive feedback and help him develop his skills in this area. 4/10 but showing some signs of improvement

I’m claiming 2/10 of those points.


OK, engagement party cancelled, no trains…

What’s the roads like around the Southwestern Arms?

You’ll be so pissed it doesn’t matter.

Leave it where you crash.

EDIT: PS Sorry to hear about your engagement.


Not bad but the pub is shut.

Anyone up for 1 or 10 afterwards?

Just got into the city so am free now. Bookshop? Brewdog? Belgium & Blues?

Bucks, SO5 4BW and I are in the Rockstone. But don’t let that put you off.

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Haha! I’m in Belgium & Blues now but could pop over a bit later.

If it’s Southampton Central way then I’ll pop asking for a couple…