Anyone fancy a kick-about

Anyone fancy a kick-about


The good news is that I got an invitation to do a pizza advert with Southgate and Pearce because of that shinner.

Actually, Jamie and his a Magic Lung and I went for another beer in The Holiday Inn after the game.

A pint of Stella in a much nicer environment, and on the way out I found the ball I shinned.

Win win.


An update…

Good, good and bad news this week.

The good…We’re at 9 at the moment, with a couple of probables, so we should be OK (said that before mind).

The good…Whilst they probably can’t make it for this week, we’ve got a couple more interested parties from TSW - Crab Lungs and suewhistle for future weeks.

The bad…I can’t get the Tuesday @ 9pm booking for March 22nd. That’s the problem with moving to an ad-hoc game I guess. I could look at changing days for that week (can get Wednesday at the moment), or we could play at 10pm! Neither of which sounds great, or easy to organise, so I suspect we might take a break and hope we can book for the week after.

Statuses for Game on Tuesday 15th March 2016

Playing (9)

ponty, rallyboy+4, fowllyd, ant,bletch.

Not playing (2)

javier, goatboy.

Not sure (1)


No response (6)

THE Cat, johnh, mick, andy, jamie,ed.



Playing (10)

THE Cat, ponty, rallyboy+4, fowllyd, ant,bletch.

Not playing (2)

javier, goatboy.

Not sure (1)


No response (5)

johnh, mick, andy, jamie, ed.

We should have a one or two rolling subs.


Ok, we’re at 11 confirmed with 1 don’t know.


Playing (11)

THE Cat, ponty, jamie, rallyboy+4, fowllyd,ant, bletch.

Not playing (2)

javier, goatboy.

Not sure (1)


No response (4)

johnh, mick, andy, ed.


suewhistle has been in touch and sends her apologies, but she’s tweaked a muscle in her finely honed and wine-fuelled body.

She will be back after a few weeks of intensive physio at the pub


Good game tonight… even with “the Bletcheree’s” questionable maths skills! Hopefully they’ll have found an abacus for him to practice with at work tomorrow.
Failing that, there’s always this:
The bibs team handbook

On the plus side, it was nice for the skins to pass both; the 15 and 18 goal mark twice in the same game.

Of course; as we agreed once we were 19-13 up thanks to some wonderfully “gifting” goalkeeping, only to find it was 15-13 again, the score was “whatever Bletch decided it was”! :laughing:

Good win though skins. I mean, good game, either way though lads! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol. Nice one J.

It was a really good game, and whilst I may not have got the score completely right, it was a close game (I made sure of that).

I’m just off to A&E. True story.

I’vr truly nixxed my shoulder.



You did stretch it the second time you punched the air with both hands, celebrating a goal clearly created by the subtle movement and approach play of your fellow strikers.


What sort of narcissist tries to claim credit for THE best goal (ever) scored on that pitch?

Especially when all that said narcissist did was to stagger to the side of the pitch taking a defender with him, leaving a bit more space for Lo’l Messy (sic) to channel Moses and part the Skins’ Sea.

Answer = the RaleighBoy is that sort of narcissist.

Ok, the best guess at the moment is that I’ve torn (micro tear, not complete tear) some ligaments in the rotator cuff of my shoulder.

Advice is rest and to join the 2 (two) month (yes you read that correctly - 60 odd days) waiting list for physio.

Eye-wateringly painful. Will be out for a while I expect.

Shame, I’d just bested my blisters!

I’ll set the match up for next Wednesday and see if we can get the numbers.


How did you damage your shoulder, Bletch? Sounds pretty nasty; hope the recover is quick and (relatively) painless.


Originally posted by @Fowllyd

How did you damage your shoulder, Bletch? Sounds pretty nasty; hope the recover is quick and (relatively) painless.

Foul throw?


Heavy tankard?


Waving away the congratulations of patient team mates who had helped him finally shin one in, off a defender?


Totally innocuous.

I was in a 50/50 and just banged shoulders with Snapper Paul - he of the “I drank Rickie Lambert’s piss” anecdote.

I got a really sharp pain, stopped and rubbed it, then when I swung my arm to start to run again I felt a horrible grinding sensation at the top of my arm and a LOT of pain…

I do suffer with inflamed tendons just under my shoulder so I guess they must have been weak. Apparently they do weaken with age! So go careful, The Raleighboy.

I’m on Naproxen and Co-Dydramol so things could be worse.



Take it easy.


OK, so it will be close on numbers for Wednesday night.

I’m out (shoulder), Rooney’s out (boxing injury) and Pony’s out.

IF THE Cat and the Goat are playing, then we’re just one short. crablungs and suewhistle are a few weeks away from playing.

I’ll chase THE Cat and Goat and then it’s up to you if you want to play with 9 or reschedule.

We should be aware that in all the fannying around for numbers, we’ve lost our regular Tuesday at 9pm slot.


Playing (7)

johnh, jamie, rallyboy+2, fowllyd,ant.

Not playing (4)

ponty, mick, rooney, bletch.

Not sure (1)


No response (5)

crablungs, suewhistle, THE Cat, andy,ed.


I am a no for this week as my hamstrings feel like they could go ping at any moment. Light jog for me on Thursday then long run on Sunday.

Definitely up for next week though.


Ok all, I’ll cancel the booking and try to move it to next Wednesday.

We’ve lost the Tuesday slot it appears.

This is all down to goatboy and his selfishness.


I told you he’s a cunt, you wouldn’t have it.


Cloven-footed bastard.