Anyone fancy a kick-about

Anyone fancy a kick-about


That’s what I thought.

And I was right.

My ankles are like James Caan’s in Misery.


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Bletch’s friendliness made me realise I should be over here more. I am basically lazy and easier to use saintsweb (Tapatalk) and forget about this place. Appears to be thriving.

so miss playing football but playing 3/4 times a week for 20+ years and subsequent impact to knees, ankles,hamstrings, groin I would be foolish to sign up.

Yeah, that describes most of us I’d say.

I was told about 7 years ago that my arthritic knee could only be fixed by a replacement. Physio, lots of walking and weight loss mean I’m still kicking a ball.

As someone once said to me…

You’re a long time stopped

By which I think he meant that once you decide not to play anymore, your life is full of those regrets embodied in your post.

See you Tuesday?


Re Tapatalk - papster has done some great work on mobile support for since the early days and it’s much better - albeit not as slick as Tapatalk.


So Bletch doesn’t take prisoners then, Goat? :lou_surprised:


OK geriatrics, we’re looking really bad on numbers again for this week.

Can anyone scramble to get other players?

I need to make a decision about cancelling today so that I can get an 11-a-side game for Monday.

Will keep you posted…


I’m on call this coming week, which tends to preclude leaving the house between the hours of 8pm and 8am. I can see if I can persuade a colleague to cover the hours of 8-11pm on Tuesday (I’m also going to have to see if anyone will take 12-6pm on Saturday so I can go to the Sunderland game); if I can’t do that I can’t turn up.


I think the Bournemouth game all but scuppers Tuesday kickabout this week. Annoying clash…


Going to cancel this week (1st) and will cancel next week too (8th).

Suggest we make the Old Blokes footy an as-and-when match.

What I’ll do is pick a date at some point in the future that we can all commit to, and then book.

Watch this space.


Old Blokes, can I see how we are set for this Tuesday 8th?

I still have two bookings with Fleming Park and they won’t refund, so I will have to keep moving the bookings until they are used.

Show of hands?

If we have a core I’ll send out the text invite, if not I’ll move the booking again.



OK for me.




The 8th is good for me.


Not for me I’m afraid. Following week is grand.


We’ve got 9 at the moment with 1 probably,so I reckon it’s on.

We’ve also got THE Cat joining us from t’other forum.

>playing (9): THE Cat, johnh, rallyboy+2, goatboy, fowllyd, rooney, bletch
>not playing (1): ant
>not sure (0):
>no response (6): ponty, mick, andy, javier, jamie, ed


Can I be in Rooney’s team please? :lou_smiley:


I can be upgraded to a ‘not sure’. My Tuesday’s clear now, but it’ll depend on whether I’m fighting fit.


ant, can you reply to the text with a


In the message?

I need to test my code to see if sending multiple statuses works.


Got the reply message, did it change my status your end? Very smart if so.


Yep, that worked.

More importantly, I got a text to tell me that one of the players has changed their status. Pleased with that.

I might market this.

BTW if you text s or i to the number, you’ll get the current status back (s sends basic numbers, i sends back player names and so results in longer / multiple texts).

I’ve also bestowed upon the system a little artificial intelligence.

It was able to tell me that you’d be no great loss as all you can do is run *.

* That should ensure you turn up!


If it was purely a case of my own choice, I’d be there like a shot! But I’ve had a migraine and fever since Wednesday. If I’m not better by Tuesday I’ve been advised to take a trip to the GP. :slight_frown:

So we’ll see!


Yeah, I used to be a hypochondriac, but then…

Hope that clears, mate - migraines ain’t no fun, no way, not never.

Anyway, we’re at 10 with one probable (Jamie and his magic lung) + one possible (ant ran).

>playing (10): THE Cat, ponty, johnh, rallyboy+2, goatboy, fowllyd, rooney, bletch

>not playing (0):

>not sure (1): ant

>no response (5): mick, andy, javier, jamie, ed