💾 Anybody Able to Convert

A 3" Amsoft Floppy Disk to MS Word or even a simple text file.

Have a couple of them with a travelogue from my first visit to the US back in the '70s. Was going to make a book of my journey.

Do you know anyone with an Amstrad CPC64?? Would still be pretty hard to do methinks…

Nope…sold my Amstrad WP years ago…unless it’s in the loft. :rofl:

Look on Ebay, there appear to be several for sale


So basically you need an Amstrad with a built in floppy drive, an old 3.5" disk drive from PC, and some software…seemples.

Ah this looks like an easier way… http://www.cambridgedatarecovery.co.uk/floppy-disk-transfer-to-cddvd/
Just reading on their website: “Please contact us if you require information on recovery of older formats of floppy disk such as 5.25 inch floppy disks, or 3 inch Amstrad disks”

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