Any season ticket holders not doing Sheffield United away?

Evening folks!

Looking to do a bit of a jolly up to Sheffield for the Carabao Cup match in a couple of weeks. I can already buy my ticket, but trying to get the rest sorted ASAP in case the allocation goes quickly.

No idea what the criteria currently is, as the club have only said a vague “eligible season ticket holders”. Why that means I’m able to buy now, but other ST-holding mates can’t is anybody’s guess. :man_shrugging:

Getting to the point, if there’s any of you for whom the ticket site does currently allow a purchase AND that won’t be travelling, please could we add each other as ‘Friends & Family’ so that I can buy via your ticket number?

Hoping to nab 2 or 3, if possible. Beers to be distributed in return, of course.

Will PM my mobile.

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