Any one been to Palma?

Looking at a long weekend at the End of Sept. the Ayatollah has decreed that Palma is the favoured destination.

So before I acquiesce, any comments / advice / warnings etc

Canary Islands and tourists and tourist traps.

I thought Palma was in Mallorca, although there is a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria here on Gran Canaria :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Palma is in Mallorca. Looks quite nice, my partner’s parents went there and think they thought it was ok. I went to Mallorca a few years ago to Cala Ratjada - lovely beach nearby.

Las Palmas is indeed in Gran Canaria. I’ve stayed there. It’s got a nice old town and some nice beaches but the south of the island is better.

Not sure this helps @CB-Saint

my geography is up shit creek today

Where ever that place is :slight_smile:

You’re NOT coming to Krakow?

Oh, just realised, does he mean La Palma, the other Canary island?

Long way to go for a long weekend mind…


I love it there though have not been for some years. A proper buzzing city / port with history, decent bars, restaurants and clubs but some are pricey, as the place has money for sure

I go to Majorca at least once a year, great place, Palma don’t know too much about though, the cathedral is supposed to be lovely as is the square around it so I’m told, most go there for day trips, stay in Palma Nova or a resort nearby.