Can anyone please point me in the direction of some decent, free malware protection?



Malawarebytes Free is excellent

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Thanks Steve. Does it offer real time protection do you know?


Not sure, I only use it to do the occasional scan but I think so … not home at the mo so can’t check. Just Google it.

It’s pretty widely considered to be the best malaware sofware tho’


I use malwarebytes too (& Avast antivir - paid for) Seems ok but I’m no expert…


Nor me … I just take everything the internet tells me as gospel. Takes all the brain strain out of learning :lou_wink:

SOG … ignore that comment, Cob just brings out the smartarse in me. I stand by my recommendation


Malwarebytes is indeed excellent. The free version scans but doesn’t offer real-time protection; for that you have to pay. Eset is very good as paid-for AV products go - well priced, light on processor and memory use and not intrusive either.

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What, are you saying the internet isn’t true?!

I’m now sitting here in complete disbelief that everything has been a lie…So Barry is really a closet socialist and loves the Southampton club scene, and more shockingly that Bletch’s beloved Brewdog is actually the best brewery in the world!!!


How much is Eset?

Avast was good but now becoming more intrusive & offering “free gifts” to reduce the cost of additional services to resolve issues that I’m fairly sure used to come as part of the package … :lou_angry:


Thanks guys!


As with all these things, it varies. Cheapest is their anti-virus, which comes in at £30 for one PC for one year, but that reduces if you take it for two or three years (£63 for three years, £45 for two). And it drops further per PC if you buy it for more than one.

Their Smart Security offering gives you more and costs rather more, though not a great deal - £40 for one PC for one year. Best value is the multi-user package, where you can cover five devices for three years for £126. You can find full details here.

I work for an IT managed service provider, and Eset is our preferred AV product. I’m on the support/consultancy side of things, so I have a fair amount of experience of different AV products. Of the ones I’ve seen much of, I rate Eset most highly.


Cheers Fowllyd!