Anders Breivik

Complaining about the conditions he’s held in.

As far as I’m concerned, this cunt should be suspended by his bollocks for eternity.


Apparently he recently threatened to starve himself to death.

Perhaps threatened has a different meaning in Norwegian?

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Why are cunts like this given the publicity they are clearly craving ?

So we can all say “What a CUNT!”

Because liberals allow this kind of shite to happen.

Could we have a bit more detail as to why liberals allow this type of thing?

None needed, they allow this kind of rubbish to continue, the European Court of Human Rights has become the go to and pillar of shitbags and arseholes, have you seen his cell? Better than many people in povertys abode.

He took advantage of a soft society, strangely the one that he hates he is now taking advatage of, the irony is not lost upon me.

I reckon if they nailed everyone’s feet to the floor, and only pulled out the nails to march you somewhere under guard, this sort of thing would be less likely to happen.

There you go, Barry. Less liberal. I’ll pop along to Cressington shortly with my claw hammer*.

* I reserve the right to be liberal with the nails. Barry is a wily little fucker and I don’t think a nail per peg is going to do it.

translation: as always I’m talking shite and cannot begin to back up what I’m saying.

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Come on. Give me some examples (not made up ones from the daily fail). I like evidence based practice.

I’d also like to know who is in this PC brigade. Do they have a uniform and a marchinh band? Also who the liberals are.

In short the principle of UK law is higher than the ECHR, we can go into judges respecting law from politicians or European judges who make decisions as law isn’t as well respected or adhereed to in the utopia that is the EU, why should the UK be backbone of law and yet we truly can not model or shape it.

an excellent point, well made.