And I thought the scarves were shite

Seriously, WTF? And brilliant independent insight from the lady at the shirt manufacturers :rage:

Why do half-and-half shirts offend football fans?

“Fans should get into the 21st Century,” she says. “The old days of it being quite so tribal… we need to get away from that.”

Yeah, I tell you what - we’ll all link arms and circle the stadium before kick-off, singing ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Fuck the fucking fuck off.


John Williams, an expert in the sociology of football thinks these shirts cause offence because they hit at the core of how most football fans identify themselves. “It makes people look like consumers,” he says, "the opposite of how most football fans like to think of themselves. Most fans still think support is an accident of birth.

Where you are born or the influence of a parent connects you with a particular club. No matter how poorly they perform, you can’t shake that"

Amen to that. You know your footy John. Now, pop down the road to that shirt manufacturing twat and lump her one please.

Still waiting for the Saints and Pompey one to be released. Love thy neighbour!

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Spot on!

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Half and half, like blue and green, should never be seen!

SHE IS A FUCKIN TROLL!..and you all fell for it. :lou_facepalm_2: