An Oldie But A Goalie

An Oldie But A Goalie


Thought I’d share this from Twitter per @DuncanHolley (witty title all my own though…)

”The only two surviving WW2 Saints players, meet again after 78 years. Arthur House 98 (left) and Charles White 95, both goalkeepers from 1940-41 yesterday at Arthur’s care home in Southampton. #saintsfc #hagiologypublishing


Can they play on Saturday?



that’s les reed in the background delighted at the possibility of a double loan signing coup.


Nice point from Duncan Holly about how one of them had been a guest at the club last week in the comments section


Both look more mobile than Fraser!


Stupid @gavstar , that’s David Bull that is, thought you’d know that :lou_eyes_to_sky:


That guy is Hilarious! I want to be like that when I’m Old Man


It looks like Mr Pastry. Anyone here old enough to remember him (apart from LITSL who has left the country)?


The gay Dr from BBC’s ‘Watchdog Healthcheck’? Not sure what you been smokin Bob but I don’t want any.


You lot are a bunch of heathen’s you really are, really, you’re getting me very cross now…