Amazon Echo?

Looks good and am very tempted, could make shopping a thing of the past.


“where the fuck did I put those tinned tomatos. Im sure I had a 4 pack of tinned tomatos. Sweetheart, have you seen the tinned tomatoes.”

Next day

“who ordered 12 cans of tinned tomatoes”??


Ha Ha I’ll cope if it cider, wine and beer coming.

For those who are wondering WTF Bazza is talking about, this needs to be read…

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No one knows what I am on about, even my dog Winston doesn’t have a clue to what I am saying, even walk.

So it’s the not so secret microphone from 1984?


Until you posted that link I was imagining a Brazilian version of The Daily Echo :astonished:


You joke about this, but sometimes I send Mrs Sfcsim to go to the shops to get some cheesecake stuff. I always write out 2 X cream, 4 X strawberries, 15 X soft cheese, but you can bet your life she will come back with about double of each and some other stuff I do not need! Also I have an Amazon package turn up nearly every other day… I have not ordered anything!

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Do you really send your wife out to the shops?

Yes, if I am stuck in the kitchen, but only as a very last resort! Haha.

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Let’s just hope its not as dire as the Daily Echo…it couldn’t be,could it?

I don’t generally do food shopping, so I almost always send my missus out to the shops.

What are you going to do about that, TedMaul?

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Is that like the Echo only with two strips torn off either side?


I do most of the C_S food shopping

It’s the only way I can ensure that all the proper food groups are purchased:

Eggs, bacon, steak, chips, beer, lard etc and can stop all that nonsense about vegetables, quinoa (wtf is that anyway?) etc


Food shooping is one of the highlights of the week in the Ferret household… fuck amazon and its attempts to ruin a family day out