Allardyce for England

Allardyce for England


It now seems possible. :astonished:

But it could revive the international careers of any player who can kick a ball a long way + Andy Carroll and Jermaine Defoe.

Personally it sounds like an idea from 1975, but can things get much worse?

And it cheers me up just to imagine how pissed off Harry Redknapp would be when he realises that fate and timing have squatted down together and shat on his cornflakes. :smile:


They have been talking to Steve Bruce too. Perhaps the committee have been watching Jurrasic Park. Interesting that these names have come out since they have supposedly spoken to the likes of Lineker and Ferdinand about who should take us forward. I have nothing against older managers, but if you are going with age, go with someone like Wenger please.







I think we need to accept that English football is fairly rudimentary and requires some basic management so that we can win some games. Lets get back to basics, get the ball up to the big bloke and get some goals. I’d also like to see more destroyers in the team.


We can’t be any worse than we were under the last 3 muppets.


Big Sam & JT - The dream team???..

As in Yawn


If only that were true. At least we have been qualifying so far…


to be fair to Bruce he does talk a lot of sense, shame it was to Martin Samuels, the thinking mans bigot!!


The first thing we need to do is build a structure, starting with the backroom staff.

We can get rid of all that silly sports medicine mumbo-jumbo, we just need players to run around the pitch a few times.

Also get a bucket with a sponge, and if anyone gets hurt, just tell them to run it off.

Then we need to get the ball in the mixer asap, higher and longer the better, look for knockdowns, try and get the rub of the green.

Perhaps forget midfield entirely and just play a 1-5-5?

Chuck in some hunger, desire, belief and passion with those ‘tactics’ and the likes of Brazil, Germany and Spain will be crapping themselves.

I reckon we could win the next world cup.


Ffs please not Alladyce . Find England dull enough to watch as it is without his style of football.


make it a requirement that you have to have played for Southampton at some point in your career if you wish to be picked for England.


only pick black players like the African countries do.


allow women to play


only pick players once so that they’re motivated to do well on their one and only appearance for their country


pick an entire team from L2 and promise then all moves to China on £100,000 a week if they win a game.


I should be working at the FA. It’s this sort of outside of the box, blue sky thinking that’s been missing.


Have a team made up of dogs and cats.


appoint Sam Allardyce.


So in a nutshell, only pick players who are in-experienced, motivated, female, black and have played for Saints.

Should do the trick! :lou_wink:


Every cloud has a silver lining :- Sterling won’t fit into his style of play so will never be picked