All hail Dubai Phil

All hail Dubai Phil


The forum match thread rules must be jettisoned as soon as possible and replaced with the “Dubai Phil PJ” rules. I’ve even applied them to my own rules about whether to have a second cup of coffee or not … I did and it was very tasty indeed. A proven formula for continued success. I would even advise MaPe to take a long look at the PJ rules for his on going team selection decisions.

I’m waiting with baited breath for the Bin Dippers Match Thread.





Sorry. Saw the All Hail & was deciding whether I should put on my Emperor Georgiou leather or Emperor Lorca bomber jacket.

Surely the point of match threads is only starting 1 because that means we won.

So now are you implying I have to find a way to find humour in and Americanise the home of Bazza?

Fvcks me, you’ll be expecting another 3 points as well I suppose.

I’l sleep on it while you lot check cctv footage for the Hermit blow job and delete it.

My mental state was bad enough being hugged by a boy band member without the horror of that comment on my last thread haunting me night & day.



Seeing as this is the nearest thing to a match thread.


Shock! Young padowan - it was nothing to do with Phil du buy per sae but merely his valiant if slightly flawed attempt at a comedy thread title what won it. I have been saying this for around the 87 game winless run that BTwhips went because of his comedy fails… the forum woo is no laughing matter. It may in the local parlance be total utter bollocks but it’s mysteries are never to be trifled with.

‘To go bland with a League match thread title is to condemn us’ to quote Kant on the matter (well I think it was him, as last time I posted on the subject some said to stop being such a Kant)


IF comedy titles have turned the tide of fortune then perhaps Mane & Salalah can crock each other in training this week?