AFC Wimbledon

So Wimbledon were shat on from a great height and moved 60 odd miles up the road to Milton Keynes. But the fans of Wimbledon started a real club, AFC Wimbeldon and did things the right way and started at the bottom of the football period.

now they are a Wembley and on the verge of going into league 1. In league one they will join the dirty franchise MK.

i am getting tickets for the bank holiday Monday to cheer on the fans team. A proper club, run by the fans and the dons trust. A dream is coming true for these fans.

if anyone fancies a trip to Wembley on the May bank holiday as a football day out to support them for the day, then let me know, as I am getting tickets tomorrow about 12:30.

A bit of drinking in London then a final at Wembley, well I thought I would put it out there.

I admire them for rising from the ashes of that awful, and hopefully never to be repeated spectacle of a club moving that far. And Spurs think Woolwich were cheeky for moving 12 miles.

Funny, really. No one really liked them before the Franchise happened. They deserve immense credit for rebuilding from nowt, so it’s amusing that they get more love because of MK Dons.

It’s a great story, but it’s their story. I’d be a curious neutral observer, but couldn’t cheer the dirty bastards :lou_wink_2:

You see it is partly what they have achieved and a big fingers up to MK and how they just bought a club (you have to earn it) and the fact that MK is completely soulless, with no history! Also I love my football, so it is a great chance to go and watch a play off final (game of football) with a team playing that I would love to see progress.

I will watch any football me. :lou_wink:

Loved that they have spent years being sponsored by Sports Interactive/Football Manager. Feels like I own a part of the club in all honesty.

Ha ha. They are never going to achieve what they did under Wimbledon, as they rely on a direct debit payment through the trust. £25 for the year from each fan. Then they all own a small part.

Last time under Wimbledon it was like a fairytale (of shite football). I did not shed a tear when we relegated them from the top flight, but the rise this time it is a different kind, but one that most football fans want to see. As I said before a big middle finger to MK!

Im just an old romantic, when it comes to football.