🧷 Adult Nappies

Is this

  • A perfectly valid lifestyle choice
  • Straightforward attention seeking in the Facebook age
  • The rather disturbing result of some kind of disorder
  • Dont knock-it 'til you’ve tried it
  • Other?

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I’m assuming it isn’t some sort of wind up. If it had been April the 1st I’d have been more sceptical.

MOD EDIT: Added poll and, cough, another option

He does wear trousers too - it seems.

I’d say that he seems genuine and probably needs help. Something about wearing a nappy makes him feel safer than when he doesn’t. I’d wonder what happened to make him feel that way perhaps an event from the past.

In this new reality, could be handy on a Ryanair flight


“part of the adult baby diaper community”.

Hmmm. He’s not alone, is he? There’s actually a group for them. He also apparently wears onesies. :thinking:

My father wears nappies. It’s not a lifestyle choice, nor indeed a choice at all. It’s a necessity.

I’m not talking about people with physical conditions which require sanitary products out of necessity. This guy isn’t in that category, at least not according to the article; “Dressing and acting like a baby gives off a very calm, relaxing, safe vibe. It’s almost as if you were back in preschool without a worry in the world.” He’s wearing them because he likes to, not because he needs to.

I realise all that, and my reply wasn’t aimed at you - sorry if it appeared to be. My comment was more about my own astonishment that any adult would choose to do that when it isn’t necessary. Even my 92-year-old father had to be told that he had to wear those things to protect his skin, otherwise I don’t think he would have done. And he sure as hell needs to wear them.

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Ah, sorry. Wrong end of the stick seized, as usual, by myself. :smirk:

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Hmmm, what does it say about me that I want to tell him to grow the hell up


Probably that you are just like the rest of us here.

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…apart from the cockless wonder, who not only pre-emptively introduced another category of not knocking it until you try it, but also voted for that option. Which can only lead one to assume that he has tried it. :thinking: :smile::smile:

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