Adios Juanmi?

The Mirror (bastion of accurate saints stories) says we will offload the spanish hitman :lou_facepalm_2: for a mere £1.5m back to Malaga.

Two rare things if true then - a player who is only good enough for Newcastle and a 70% loss in one season. Ah the Europa dream…

Never really looked comfy the few times I’ve seen him in action. Actually reached a point pretty quickly where I had no expectations of him doing anything for us. Can only guess that the club have reached the same conclusion with a lot more information.


Well. you win some, you lose some. A good indication that even a thorough and well-researched trasfer targetting system such as ours can’t get it right every time.

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i never saw enough of him to figure out what it was he was sposed to be good at really, which is spose is Damning Indiction in Itself.

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Clearly wrong to pay as much as we did.

We should have said “Juanmillion. No more”, and recorded the response for LOLs on club media.

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There must be something about Juami. (Could be a film in the making there). You don’t get to play for Spain by being shit.

In some of our pre-season games, he looked sharp, with a good touch, and clear technical ability.

My best guess is that we thought there was enough talent there that we could work with. After all, that is our current model. We either grow our own, or purchase in talented young players with a lot of potential, knowing that we have the quality set-up to improve them, and that even if they don’t all go on to hit dizzying heights – we’ll have produced a good enough player that even if he doesn’t quite make the grade for us at our current top-half, Euro-chasing level – that he’ll be decent enough that someone will want him, and at the least, cover our costs, or produce a tidy profit on our initial outlay.

Juanmi has talent (TV show in that?) – but the clearly obvious thing thus far, is that he is very lightweight, and has not been able to make a good enough physical impression to compete at this level. He gets brushed off the ball by players (at U21 level) who’d make JWP look like a ruthless hard as nails destroyer, and he just hasn’t been able to adapt to the sheer pace and strength of the modern English game, certainly at top-half Premier League level.

Fair play to Saints for spotting yet another a talented lad and giving him an opportunity to develop himself and improve in the best place for that – but it would appear that this time, the step up in physical performance required, has just been a stretch too far for Juanmi. Skillful player, who’ll probably go on to have a good career in somewhere like Portugal, The Netherlands, maybe even back in Spain – i.e. places whose focus is more on the technical side of the game than raw pace and power.

Good luck to him wherever he ends up. It was worth a try.

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