Ada Lovelace Day today

Don’t want to upset ant, and he’s pointed out today is also Ada Lovelace day, where we celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

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I saw a documentary bout her the other day it was starring the blonde bird from Mama Mia it was mostly about blow jobs

Imbd plse beard

None of the girls on our Software Engineering course looked like that.

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Originally posted by @Tokyo-Saint

Imbd plse beard

Amanda Seyfried has the word ‘minge’ tattooed on her foot:

Just saying.


Cheers. I love science documentaries.

I’ve been doing some mlg style research and found that if you google Linda lovelace and click on the videos bit, there is some very interesting science stuff not previously covered by Jonny Ball.

So thought I’d see what you get for ‘sexy science men’ in google to even this out a little.

Brian Cox and this!


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It’s about time we had a day celebrating Debbie Does Dallas - well done to all concerned!

A very confused and unsatisfied young lady… Someone one should tell her!

I’d like to know why the bra was engineered when my hands are so capable.

I used to program Ada. Pretty generic stuff.

Do we even need to ask what you got her to do Pap?

Two points…

A) Toke, is ’ covered by Jonny Ball’ , a euphemism?

B) Minge foot is a well known condition and is caused by either an excess of ‘genital skin’ or a prolapsed womb. Seyfried is obviously an ambassador for this debilitating condition.