⚽ 'ad yer udders feeled? 'ave a pinta 🐄

Tomorrow is FA Cup day - huzzah! Who’s going, who’s drinking? A clue - I’ll be doing both, the latter prior to the former. Venue?

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You’ve obviously been out with some right cows in your time.

The Bookshop is, I repeat, is open.

[quote=“Fowllyd, post:1, topic:5426, full:true”] Who’s going, who’s drinking? A clue - I’ll be doing both

I’m doing one of them.

Yeah, I’m doing neither…

Where you drinking then?

The latter you may well not be doing, but will you be up for visiting an establishment that facilitates such endeavours?

Don’t forget to take advantage of the 1 min extra drinking time … ko at 1501!!


Why certainly

Where you all likely to be then?

Ah. Nobodies decided yet

Rockstone? I haven’t been there for ages

That one gets my vote. Will your gammy knee make it that far?

I should think so

What time? 1ish?

Yep, works for me. See you there. We could have done this by text, but then I’d have lost the chance for the kind of punning that gets @saintbletch so thrilled and excited.

I don’t know where to start with that thread title.

Is this about drinking milk?

Clearly. What else would it be about?

I believe that is all you can handle

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He gets pretty woozy if it’s sheep’s milk, but he’s generally OK with cow’s milk.

I can’t help it if I’m intolerant.