🌥⛈ Actual Summer Holidays 2021 / 22 / 23/ 24

You still doing tours?

Not atm can’t get the medical certificate as have restricted movement so cannot drive paying customers but can do walking tours etc

Can plan stuff for you trains are good & plug in tours when needed.

Rental cars are fine just stick to limits SOOOO many speed traps!

We’ve made it to St Palais sur Mer and enjoyed a walk in hot sunshine. Discovered these, which are called carralets. Unique to this district. Fishermen bait the big nets and lower then into the sea as the tide comes up, then haul in the fish.

Weather is set fair. Looking forward to beach time.


This trip we’re carrying one “cheat” item of cooking equipment - an air fryer. It’s brilliant. Cooks anything using their electricity rather than my gas.


Yeah, took one on our recent camping holiday, and a toastie maker…

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Why not stay at home and watch a video of your holiday location……wait a minute, that might have legs. I get fist dibs, you heard it here first! :wink:

My starter tonight. 6 superb oysters accompanied, by tradition, with a glass of Muscadet for every 2 oysters.

Followed by crab and moules cooked in beer. As Mrs S doesn’t like Oysters, she had a prawn. I swear it was the biggest sea creature ever. Mr Prawn, Sir.


After two monumental thunderstorms last night, we managed a 6k walk along the coast, pleasant picnic lunch and just back in time for the next storm. It’s biblical. Thank fuck we’re not in a tent.


Today it didn’t rain and it was a castle day.

And on the basis of 6 good oysters deserve another, I had a reprise. Highly satisfactory.

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Yeah but you can fvck right off, sending your biblical rain over here all fvcking day

Oh dear, how sad, never mind. It’s a lovely evening here.

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Who is this Grotty Celestine…is she the local…you know?


The time at the next stroke will be

image - 4 days

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We need a selfie of you in a Bintang wife beater vest



Installed in the airport hotel

When did the world decide that it was the done thing to ensure the rest of the bar/ restaurant could hear the other side of a phone conversation?

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About the same time the world deemed it necessary to have an MBA to get an Intern role

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First dark cloud

Arrive at check In

Sir would you be willing to downgrade

Fuck no

Now sat at the gate wondering if they will try to pull the same stunt at the gate

I am ready for war

I hope you realise you are probably relegating some poor celebrity, who made a last-minute booking, to cattle class. Shame on you.


Oh you missed a trick there.

Got the old family offloaded years back

1250 quid in vouchers in compensation AND free return tickets paid for a 2nd holiday!

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