A touch of class

The BBC have got a class calculator on their website. You can take a test and it’ll tell you what class you are.


In @Barry-Sanchez’s ultimate killjoy Glastonbury wet dream, the news from this poster is that I am Established Middle Class. Yes, Barry. All the things I rail against. I was quite surprised. I think listening to classical music tipped me over the line.

In a no doubt futile attempt to swing the pendulum the other way, I shall rely on urban stylings for my last sentences.

Arks da Beeb; what class is you. Init :smiley:

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I am the same by default, doesn’t mean “I am”, I think you want to be, there’s the difference.

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I came up as technical middle class. :woman_shrugging:
Think a few would say I am from a established middle class family.
I put either teacher or office manager - neither of which really covers what I do.

Well that’s a bit embarrassing- I’m a walking cliche.


I came out as sub-human scum.

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They’re lowering the standard to be middle class so to make people feel better about themselves and vote tory and liberal etc etc, fuck them and that, don’t believe me? Look at what the middle class were 100 years ago, its become diluted. The class system I’ll add is in every nation, others are fascinated by ours as they don’t want to look at or acknowledge theirs.

I have a much simpler test.

Does a member of your household need to work in order to maintain your household?

  • Yes.
  • No, because we’re loaded.
  • No, because we’re retired.

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If you answered “yes”, you’re working class. If you answered “No, because we’re loaded”, you’re part of the practical elite. If you answered “no, because we’re retired”, fucking fair play to you for getting a decent pension before the drawbridge came up.

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What if, you have £54m in the bank, but consider working your duty, just to keep one poor person out of a job and in poverty?
Pollsters, no class😁

From you…I’d say that came as an asperation. :lou_lol:

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WTF “New Affluent Workers”…I’m fuckin’ retired; of council house scum origins with no wish to climb any social group ladder.



Bow before your master.


Ended well for the Romanovs :slight_smile:

If I listened to fucking Jazz I would have been a fucking God

For those of us who are of pensionable age there is only one test to establish if you are true working class. Did you have an outside toilet when you were growing up?


or more importantly, did you use it or shit in your bed?

I have no class.


I had a ‘Jerry’ pot under the bed, which i had to share with my brother. We had a pact though, neither of us would take a dump in it, on pain of wearing the contents if we did!


Which was a critical lesson in later life, when in a campervan @ Glasto.
Never take a dump in the van…

Accuse me of over-simplifying if you must, but as a relatively recent student of ancient history, I can’t help thinking that things have always been the same. It’s optimares vs populares.

The brilliant, unending trick of the optimares has been to make certain sections of the populares think they are not actually populares.

Whether you call it the equestrian class, the merchant class or the middle class, the trick has always been the same.

Same as me it ticks the results box and does nothing.

We must just be out of their class.