A really Citeh way to end the season

Look I’m bored. I’m also hungover and exhausted after a day of meetings at a Trade Show and then assisting a Trade Delegation to get blasted until 3am this morning.

I’m sitting here filling in forms and excel sheets and doing dropbox shit, while 46kph winds have created a toxic and opaque mess of sand and dust outside.

So I’ll finish the season off for you.

1st up, we will win, I am still banned from the pub and from any form of streams/text/social media interaction. Clearly we will win. I will no doubt experience a disturbance in the force again when we score the winner in the 6th minute of 4 minutes injury time.

Could this be Redmond’s chance to show Pep that he really is a good player? He is so consitently inconsistent that after his shocked Tuesday he will probably be the MotM Sunday.

Hopefully Lemina is fit again which makes it a straight choice between Redmond and PEH, Redmond COULD give us an outlet, PEH will be needed to battle in midfield to stop us getting ooverwhelmed.

I’d start with PEH and keep Redmond on the bench to be honest.

Injuries permitting

Player of the Season

Bedsawreck Wemayamissyounextseason Hooeft

Solongarse Bertciteh

Lemons Readmyinterviewbelow PEH



And the broken drssing room rumour was true then and maybe Biscuit is staying




Umm @dubai_phil , @ozsaintdave might be a little upset with you…

We Built This Citeh on Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Yeah bad etiquette DP, you’ve had your win for the season. Mods/soviet please dispatch an appropriate punishment henceforth and forthwith.

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There is a simple job to complete.

We need to halt any hint of an avalanche of goals - so no stupid early red card or capitulation, just solid defence.

It won’t be pretty, but I’d go with Long upfront and stifle the midfield.

_ But RB, we need to finish the season with a flourish of attacking play to reward the fans…_

No we don’t, we need to finish it in the Premier League!

So fuck entertainment, fuck the critics, fuck the Swansea Marriott, bollocks to the shit refs and the Liberty Stadium car park attendant - just as Hughes did to great effect the other night, we need to park the bus.

Hughes takes no prisoners, and that attitude has dragged us back from the brink, so if he pulls on the handbrake, I’m onboard.

_ We are Southampton - we park where we want!_


Ah an upcoming matchday thread that had almost dropped off the front page. Told you I was hungover.

Back to bed it is

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Unfortunately pap set the example with the Everton thread.


I’ll admit, my thread was missing the usual hash tags and complete title but that comes from being the newbie at matchday thread starting but I’ll show no malice towards @dubai_phil :lou_lol:

We both have a part to play, so evens we are. I’d rather be a united front supporting Saints for this one!


Still got gurgley guts about all of this. Looking forward to the season being over is an odd feeling.

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