A Public Service Request

A Public Service Request


Please remember that this time of year can be especially difficult for some people.

The opening of the transfer window coupled with a need to vent at ‘The Board’ can make getting to February seem like a distressingly ‘big ask’.

As I walk the streets of Sotonians I see a number of person who are really low and just don’t fit in.

Some of these person have shouted at so many clouds over the years that they have found themself banned from other internet forums.

But what can you do to help?

Don’t stop reading, because you could be the difference between having to read page after nauseating page of negativity on Sotonians or moving those pages of nauseating negativity on to saintsweb.

That’s right, for the cost of just one private message, you could make this a better place.

If you have any unused or unwanted saintsweb, not606 or uglyinside user logins that you are no longer using, PM the username and password to @barry-sanchez and together we can make this a better place.


Just gone to the “usual suspects” PM Inboxes and made a small deposit in each. I hope they will appreciate the sacrifice.


I actually have one of the few for PoL as well :lou_surprised: