🚷 A New Winter of Discontent

Seems everyone will be on strike this Winter…

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I don’t really see that as a bad thing imho. Others for unfathomable reasons may take issue.

Oi! I am flying away - or least I hoped so - on a date when they are on strike / taking a stand for workers rights / having extra mince pies and brandy and shit TV :rage:

I’m refusing to put the heating on most days. As a consequence, I look like someone who has put Gandalf and Tusken Raider costumes on at the same time.

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0840 here and 28 degrees :smiley:


Hope you’re not driving? :grinning:

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Wrap up warm when you come back…

Or stay there.

Back in April :grinning:


Yes, yes - I’ve seen your “fuck off I’m on holiday and you’re not” pics on FB

Very impressive.

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So our PMINO has plans to ban health service workers from going on strike. He wants to criminalize the heroes of the pandemic. I guarantee that when the first nurse gets arrested is when the shit will really hit the fan, this vile government won’t know what hits them.


It’s sad that so many people believe that the Tories are “right” and believe everything the parliamentary party tries to push through.

At the end of the day they are supposed to be the representatives of the people, not themselves and the self interests of their cronies and other foreign political powers (cf Johnson and Russia, for instance - lest we forget)

Not sure why you would highlight this unproven example of foreign political interference when there are much better examples of proven foreign state interference by the likes of Israel and the US.

The Lebedev’s are Yeltsin era oligarchs who are tolerated by Putin provided they toe the line and don’t present as any kind of political threat. It’s of course possible that they were coerced in to influencing Johnson at Putin’s behest but we don’t really know that and it’s at least just as likely that they met with him for their own private interests which align with his. Furthermore Johnson’s behaviour towards Russia with regards to Ukraine don’t look like the actions of someone that Russia exerts massive political influence over.

Why shouldn’t I?

Just one example of many others I could have as you rightly point out.

Sounds like there is going to be some discontent at Unite

Soon after taking over from Len McCluskey in 2021, Ms Graham commissioned Martin Bowdery KC to investigate her union’s vastly over-budget Birmingham hotel and conference centre development.

Initial estimates in 2012 suggested the project, which is now complete, would cost around £7m. The final bill is in excess of £100m.

In one instance a contractor quoted around £90,000 for proposed work, but was eventually paid £1.2m, an unexplained increase of more than 1300%.

Insiders concede the gap between the union’s spending on the building and its value is “minimum £31m but could easily be more”.

Earlier valuations of the development suggested £70m of members’ money may have been wasted.

Ms Graham separately instructed accountancy firm Grant Thornton to launch an “external forensic investigation” into Unite’s affiliated service providers.

Accountants discovered one such company had been awarded a contract worth around £100,000 per month for eight years, suggesting a total value of £9.6m.

I thought it was only Tories who padded their mates pockets

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Whatever made you think that?

Plenty of dodgy deals done here in Liverpool, a Labour stronghold. Reported in the national press too.

I’ve got a bit of time for Sharon Graham. I would imagine this is something she has inherited rather than engineered.

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Mostly Tories on a massively larger scale tbf

Whose fault is it if the Union boys lack ambition? :wink:


Fair play to her for doing so - change of leadership is a good time to clean shop and is sounds like her shop needs a proper spring clean

I wonder if Len is sweating

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On a beach somewhere probably