A new Asterix book coming soon

Asterix article - may contain spoilers!

Probably the first comics I read as a child. My uncle gave me all his old Asterix books wihch I still have. I also got a few Tin Tins but wasn’t so much into them. I’ve even been to Asterix Parc in France (we took 2 kids to justify it - they didn’t know who Asterix was!)

Anyone else a fan?

I read a load of them when I was on a French exchange in my late teens - the French is nice and simple. My favourite was Asterix among the Britons - seeing everything any Briton said prefaced by “Je dis…” was just wonderful. A joke that would probably have appealed more to French adults than children, now I think of it, and it ccertainly worked for an English teenager.

I did indeed enjoy it as a child/early teenager. Sophisticated and satirical comic, I used to enjoy going to the library weekly so I could Getafix.

After that I progressed onto Calvin & Hobbs and Gary Lawson’s ‘The Far Side’.

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I have a few of the books from many years ago, but as I was Council, i used to read proper comics like Whizzer & Chips, before progressing onto Fiesta, Razzle and Young Tit.

Yep, used to rent them out from my hometown library. Would be interested to know how many I ploughed through actually - looks like there’s 35 in total and I must have done a solid 15 to 20.

Also vaguely seem to remember either a TV show or some feature-lengths? Often seemed to be on around Xmas. Most of the videogames were trash, which was a shame.

Think it must be the characterisation that drew me in as I wasn’t overly keen on the visual style.

I used to read a lot of the Asterix comics and books when I was a kid, don’t remember how I procured them must have been libraries or the like.

Not read the French ones so have missed the “je dis” joke which is a shame. I guess they didn’t have the same names in the French comics as that wouldn’t make much sense would it?

Asterix - yes, Obelix - yes, Dogmatix - no, Vitalstatistix - no…

Always loved the innuendo of the names - druid called getafix