A long weekend in Southampton

Fellow Sotonians - help!

Me and MrsSO5 (let’s call her ‘Kate’) have a few child-free days at the end of this week. ‘Let’s go away for a few days’ she says - ‘anywhere nice where you come from?’

‘Southampton’ I say, ‘jewel of the south - makes Venice look like Vladivostok’

Now, I was sort of joking, but she’s gone and booked the accommodation anyway

Some context -

  1. she grew up in Bath, and most of her family now live in Devon, so her standards are quite high.
  2. we did Winchester last year - which worked - she was impressed
  3. I haven’t lived in the SO postcode since the early 80s, so probably won’t be a decent guide to what’s on in Southampton

So - we have the best part of three days in the city that spawned this website. Part of the time will be a lunchtime game at SMS (‘I want to see what all the fuss is about’ she said) and, no doubt, a few beers after the game with some of you good people

But WTF else can I show her? Any ideas?
Pubs I know the Platform, Alex - any others with live music that don’t just cater for students?
History there’s a lot of it about - can show her the city wall? Is there anything worth going to see re Titanic, Blitz, D-day?
Art, theatre?? Not for me but she might like it
Weston shore - show her the oil refinery?
Hythe ferry for a view of the container port?

Ahhhhh! V grateful for Sotonian ideas

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It’s probably best if you bookend the football and the, required, trip to Unity with staying in the hotel and doing what married couples do best when on kid free holidays…

Argue and phone the kids up to see how they are getting on…

Also are you sure you want “Kate” (real name Bob) to meet your fellow Sotonians?


Pub: Unity after Footy. Dancing Man Brewery : beer and history in one.
Dinner: Bedford Place: https://www.lakazmaman.com or Oxford Street: https://maxbarbrasserie.co.uk
Culture : lol. Like you’re gonna get that from me.

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Plenty of bits of history around the town. Sea city museum (bits of Titanic stuff in there), you can walk bits of the old walls easily. Tudor House (check their website for any tours around walls or in the vaults - my dad often does them), Medieval merchants house and Westgate (think there is a pub near there too). There are some Jane’s Austen connections too around town (one of the old hotels on high st). There is the solent sky aviation place (never been).
The Art gallery is good too and there is also John Hansard gallery.

Pubs - Dancing man Brewery & Duke of Wellington in the old town. Not sure about the Titanic pub.

White Star Tavern on Oxford St and then down at one of the bars on Ocean Village over looking the marina.

Check out what’s on at the Guildhall, Mayflower theatre, Nuffield Theatre, the joiners for something to do in the evening.

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Agree on goat boys recommendations re food.
We enjoyed Coriander Lounge too.

We’ve also eaten in the Coriander Lounge … it is exceptional.

Don’t forget about Ikea too Keith :roll_eyes:

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For a really good time just cancel what you’ve booked and follow the link.


Captain bleeding Obvious

We have a theatre and baby bro pap works there.

You’ll notice him immediately if MLT is also there, picking up his tickets.

My bro pretends not to know who he is.

Fun fact: Bon Scott, of AC/DC, played his last ever gig there.

I would agree with @Intiniki and suggest the medieval tour / old town sights. I did it with Mrs Bucks during her first trip to the pride of the South. It was in much colder weather and yet it still went down well. See here:



I saw some rubbish tribute bands at the Mayflower whilst working there.
I still remember an octogenarian attending for a Robbie William’s tribute. Or the screaming women for David Essex. That was carnage.
With my sister working there to we should be able to get some cheap tickets for our fellow sotonians… or maybe not.

Oh and I worked there when MLT went out with that aussie actress. Though I think I missed that panto she was in but was there when her brother was in another I worked on.

MLT was punching well above his weight with her.

I dunno. Have you ever see him order anything from a KFC? :smiley:

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Is my bro being nice to your sis?

Like me, he is entirely “little shit capable” :slight_smile:

Even still… way out of MLT’s league, and I think he’s the greatest man to have ever graced the planet.

She’s broad minded Bob

(She’d have to be…)

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Many thanks all!

Unity tap post match then - hopefully see some of you there


Doesn’t he always?

My sister once served him in Jumpin Jaks. Didn’t have a clue who he was until someone told her.

No idea.

I have just asked. He says she is doing a very good job.

He also said that she never mentions you. I explained this was because your parents kept you chained up in the attic outside of school hours.

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