A list of all the reasons the championship is better than the premier league

A list of all the reasons the championship is better than the premier league


Please list all the reasons the championship is better than the premier league here.

I’ll start

  1. There is more spunk to be seen and had in the championship

  1. No Motson commentary.

  2. Don’t have to stay up late for MOTD (ok so it’s not that late but it clashes with babestation) to watch highlights.

  1. We get two games a week

  1. More games means more chances to score. We could see a striker get into double figures.


We’ll make it shit and sterile.


Shut up Barry! We’re listing positives about the future here.

  1. Tickets are cheaper

  1. We’ll lose plastic fans like Barry


I genuinely prefer the Championship, the issue is if the lub said it was done on purpose I’d be well impressed with their aims and goal acheievement, the fact this is such a total and utter fuck up of epic proportions is actually laughable, we’re so so bad it really is laughable.


Point most fans will recognise Barry is that we have been operating the same policy since NC left - not just the last 12 months… You cant blame Goa for the inevitable when its been business as usual. Out startegy only works when there is a true conveyor belt of youth and real unerthing of regular gems from afield… both those channels dry up and whatever Pellegrino is, we struggle… as has been said befor countles times, everyone gets it Barry, but wiyhout the need to constantly spout vitriolic shite on every other thread… you obviously have nowt better to do…

  1. We get to play West Brom again.

  1. I’ll be able to pick my fantasy football team with my head and not my passionless, spunkless heart.


10.More away days. 11.More home meet ups. 14.Fewer tourists/plastics.


We’ll still be in a higher league than fucking Portsmouth.


Liverpool less likely to nick our players.


Cortese knows how to get out of The Championship


Seeing highlights. Lemons proved he is the successor to Gerrard at liverpool


People not numbering their reasons is making me very upset, @fatso why are you not policing your thread!?




I got so fucking furious once the numbering stopped that I smashed my phone. I wash my hands of this entire site. There’s no respect here.


Yay it was a 6 pinter.

Thanks to staying on for the egg chasing