Really powerful and moving stories from survivors of 7/7


7/7 was an atrocity carried out by a cretinous gang with no connection to or experience of real injustices in the Middle East against people with no connection to or responsibility for real injustices in the Middle East.

52 were killed by this gang’s vaulting stupidity, not counting the bombers themselves. But then who the hell would want to count them.

  • from a proud (if sometimes overly verbal) Londoner.

Good to have you back, Furball. You’ve been missed.

I’m with you on that summary.


What Lou said.

Hear. Hear.

And can I add, I’m generally interested to hear more of your insights on the Middle East. As a descendent of an Egyptian (my grandmother) and previous supporter of humaniatrian interventionism, it’s all a pretty confusing and depressing story at the moment. Where is the hope?