6 games live on Sky in Week 1

6 games live on Sky in Week 1




Well that makes up for all the Prem league games going.


The schedule for week one of live NFL on Sky Sports has now been confirmed:

Patriots v Steelers
Thu 10 Sep, Midnight - Sky Sports 1

Bears v Packers
Sun 13 Sep, 5.30pm - Sky Sports 3

Broncos v Ravens
Sun 13 Sep, 9pm - Sky Sports 3

**Cowboys v Giants
Mon 14 Sep, 0:30am - Sky Sports 3 **

Falcons v Eagles
Tue 15 Sep, 0:05am - Sky Sports 1

49ers v Vikings
Tue 15 Sept, 3:15am - Sky Sports 1


And the cricket from down under too, Big Bash League and Ashes series now gonna be on BT Sport.


Every cloud.


The 9ers are on the first week. They might win that one!


It’s called soccer over there Big Ignorant Bob, unless they’ve got their very own, and very different game also called football.

Which is something I’d find hard to believe.