5 Years ago today (10th August 2015)

Marcus passed away, thank you for the legacy he left behind


I wish I knew how to post links to those embedded clips in Twitter…

Southampton FC@ SouthamptonFC 9m9 minutes ago

Five years ago today, # SaintsFC lost its saviour. We hope we’re doing you proud. # ThankYouMarkus https://amp.twimg.com/v/a0aa7dd3-63a4-4953-821e-ab9f0f7edf15 …

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Southampton FC - (southamptonfc) on 10/08/2015

Five years ago today, #SaintsFC lost its saviour. We hope we’re doing you proud. #ThankYouMarkus

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Has it really been five years. Love him for all he did for Saints. His daughter hasnt done a bad job either.


Very sad…I went to the memorial service at St Mary’s Church with my mate who sits next to me on match days. We went to pay our respects outside the church but were given an order of service booklet and ushered inside.


It is a great shame that Marcus didnt live long enough to see us back in the Premiership and playing in Europe but at least the club is still in the family and his legacy lives on.


I too went to that service, I stood at the back in the church.

For me it’s always a source of pride when you hear his name at every game, it’s good that despite having some right tossers in our ranks (as all clubs do) there is still a genuine feeling that we remember our own, especially those who we owe so much to.

It’s easy to be part of a club when it’s winning but you find out who your friends are when things get tough and we were rock bottom when he picked us up.


Must have been stood with you “Rally”

How’s this for one from the archives - Markus and Nicola from 2009. But who’s that behind them, smiling away? Not interested in the club, my arse…

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