300th Member up!

300th Member up!


Got to be worth a mention surely? :lou_sunglasses:




Hi just joined pleased to be part of. Up the saints


Insane eh?

You’ll fit in just fine.

Welcome aboard the Papmobile


Originally posted by @Dubai_Phil

Welcome aboard the Papmobile

Bulletproof for a reason.


Probably just SWF wankers joining up and then never posting.


Welcome to the jungle.

The one with the big mane is the boss.


Am I? When did I get promoted? Good to see no glass ceiling here. :lou_wink_2:


You’ve got to treat these things like throwing a party, Fatso. Invite more people than you ever intend to host.


I’ve never thrown a party and if I did, no one would be invited.


The way it is going it will be 300 members by the end of the week. Amazing what a pretty believable story can do. Me for one think it is on the money!


Welcome I-s. Enjoy!


How long before we get to call the newbies c…?


Oh crap, this site is becoming very popular all of a sudden. I’ll have to up my game :zipper_mouth:


you are safe until CB Fry turns up… his collosal intellect and wit means even Socrates would shit it… and I’m not talking the 80’s Brazilian with hair


From now on i’m only posting whilst wearing a tuxedo


Dear boy, soooo American. It’s a Dinner Jacket young man!


Of course how vulgar!


Nonetheless it’s the right way to go. However, in the comfort of one’s own abode I might suggest that a smoking jacket would be more appropriate.


I’ve settled on a conservative smart casual look, with just a hint of rebel in my non matching socks :slight_smile: