2nd Test England V South Africa

So England are starting the second test with the same team that won the first game by 211 runs.

South Africa should have there Captain back but also a player suspended.

Pedant ALERT! Fixed it for ya mate. :lou_wink_2:

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Yeah I can tell what a pitch is going to do from a photo of it :lou_facepalm_2:

Edit : Corrected typo before you all wonder what on earth Phil is talking about…

are you going to scratch the itch @btripz

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Elgar gone, good catch at 4th/5th slip, Anderson gets the breakthrough


Oh, it was Dawson what caught it, I only saw it out of the corner of my eye before they went to adverts…

Swinging a bit, could be a low scoring match this.

And that Dawson catch was more gully/backward point…

Wherever he was - it was a bloody good catch!

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I’m laying out the mental imagery for our absent friends what can’t watch it…

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You are spoiling them…shall we confuse them a bit?

Yeah, Dawson was down at fine leg and he had to run across between the keeper and the stumps and took it one handed over his shoulder - it was amazing - tell your friends about it!

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i Should have down voted that @rallyboy for confusing me

Anyway SA are 56-1 at lunch.

I’m stuck in Berlin and can’t find a decent stream. Anyone got any tips?

The Spree


Sa 70 -2 Broad gets Kuhn for 34

I’ve voted you up, but you’re still a dick.

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