:saints: 🎫 23/24 Season Tickets

On sale from 30th May. Prices dropped by about 10%. Still doubt that I’ll renew. Too unhappy about the general management and dire tion of the club.

I will take the 10% drop and will be there next year. Not happy about very much but that’s hardly new. Rupert Lowe anyone?

New trending GIF online: funny, happy, lol, omg, laugh, laughing, haha ...

CB Saint reacts when he is asked if he is going to renew


Yep £439 for more games but that’s only a benefit if we’re a winning team…hope springs eternal. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


It’s the hope that kills you more like…

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Thanks for highlighting the difference between the optimist and the pessimist. :lou_lol:

Mine appears to have dropped £111 to £549.

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That’s 17% plus I Will be an old git in June and get a further £50 off.

I suppose I’ll go.


Excllent mine should be the same then Kenny.

Try to contain your enthusiasm.

I’d like to claim my crown as the first Sotonian to renew his season ticket for the forthcoming successful 2023/24 season. :lou_lol:

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