🏆 :fifa_logo: ⚽ 2022 The Qatar World Cup Qualifiers 🌍

You will be pleased to know that Bazza’s favourite Political Party PiS had words with Angela Merkel and Lewandowski has been allowed to skip quarantine and join up with the Polish National team to play against England.
On a plus side it means he can line up against Jude Bellingham.

Who no doubt will keep JWP on the bench resting so good news then!

You can get annoyed at the BBC Sport web site by rating who to play alongside Kane at the Euros.
(ie not including Danny Ings)

Dear Gareth.
I care not who you pick.
I care not how they play.
For The Love of God.
Do not lose to Poland this week.

I looked at that saw who they had picked and closed it before I got to annoyed.


Turkey just spanked Netherlands 4-2

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Lol :smile::smile:

And DePay missed a penalty too.

Taffs one up against Belgium :flushed::joy::joy:

Lukaku miss from a yard out, from a beautiful cross by De Bruyne.

KDB with a 35 yarder 1-1

And now 2-1
Mini Hazard scores after CB slips

What our own @CB-Saint surely not??

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Oh ffs. Tall bloke wearing Australian kit.
My bad

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France being held 1-1 by Ukraine really weak shot let in by Lloris

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Are you on drugs? It was deflected wide of him by a defender.

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I may have been asleep it was 5 in the morning nearly.

Anybody going to be watching the England San Marino game?

I have a hunch they will score and if they get 2 will probably win


I will watch this - probably in the Kitchen as Mrs Waylander will be hogging the main TV watching Canadian soap opera on Netflix.

A load of Mounties mounting each other?

Not that I’ve seen, but then I tend to leave the room when it is on. Its a series called Heartland


I vividly remember watching the World Cup qualifier with my dad, he came over for the evening. We sat through the long build up with the pundits explaining all the permutations, we had to win by 7 goals (I think,) and hope that Holland didn’t win their game. We were saying it probably won’t happen, but if it does we can say we saw it and if it doesn’t, we’ll at least have seen a hatful of England goals. Then they kicked off. :smile::smile:

My father and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing. To this day, I think it’s one of the funniest moments of my life. :joy::joy::joy: We were pissing ourselves laughing for the entire first half, and what made it worse was when the ex wife came in wanting to know what was so funny, and we couldn’t explain what made it funny. Then dad said “if we’re laughing, the fucking Dutch must be absolutely pissing themselves” :joy::joy::joy:


I think I’d rather watch the Canadian soap opera.

The part timers of San Marino won’t park the bus, they’ll park their plumber vans.