2017/2018 Predictions

Where will Saints finish?


Saints top scorer?

Who will finish top 3?

Who will finish bottom 3?



League position: 9th

League Cup: Winners :lou_wink_2:

FA Cup: Quarters

Top scorer: Gabbiadini

Top 3: 1st: Manchester City; 2nd: Chelsea; 3rd: Tottenham.

Bottom 3: 18th: Brighton; 19th: Newcastle; 20th: Huddersfield.


League 6th :laughing:…depending on whetther refs play fair in league and cups :astonished:

League cup semi final…unlucky Saints :cry: sod the bloooody ref

FA Cup Winners…OWTSGMI :laughing: :laughing: well played the ref :smile:

Top scorer Gabba 14…Boufal 14 Austin 12…Long 8…Redders, JWP and Lemina 7 each

Top 1st Chelsea…Man City Arsenal

Bottom…Stoke 20th… 19th Palace 18th Hudders.


League Saints 5th

league Cup 4th round

FA Cup winners

Top man city

relegated I wish Everton but

Huddersfield. Brighton Watford

Top scorer?

2nd and 3rd?

Come on PS. Shape up :lou_wink_2:

It will be touch & go, but I think we may just scrape past 31st January before Trump does something stupid.

So yes, I predict a 2018


We’ll win a few, lose a few and probably end up in a similar place as we did last time out.

I’ll start every 90mins with boundless optimism though…(not me actually playing though just so we’re clear)



Phil Boyer

Nottingham Forest

Aston Villa

I think I have had a relapse


I reckon we’ll finish better than last season, maybe 6th. Not sure who we’ll displace to get there though!

Semi-final at least in one of the cups.

Top three: Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal in that order.

Bottom three: Huddersfield, Palace, Brighton in no particular order

Saints top scorer has to be Gabbiadini, unless one of his legs falls off. Actually, sod it - Gabbiadini even if one of his legs does fall off.


What do I win if Phil Boyer is the top goal scorer :lou_lol:

Where will Saints finish?

With VVD - 7th
Without VVD - bottom of the Championship


With VVD - quarter finals of the League cup, losing finalists of the FA Cup
Without VVD - won’t even qualify to enter cup competitions

Saints top scorer?

With VVD - Austin
Without VVD - our top scorer will be own goals as we won’t score any going forward

Who will finish top 3?

If Liverpool get VVD - Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal
If Liverpool don’t get VVD - Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal

Who will finish bottom 3?

With VVD - Watford, Huddersfield, Brighton
Without VVD - just us, as we’ll lose so many games that everyone else will be allowed to stay in the division.


Me and the @themightyostrich are aligned on who is going down

No idea… but Arsenal will win everything as Wenge has stated he wishes to start the season strongly. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40843324) Obviously, everyone else wants to start the season badly so Arsenal will surely get a big lead and go on to dominate.


League: 7th(4th if my predictions for relegation come true).

Cups: LC semi final. FA quarter final(winners if we get past this game).

Top scorer: Gabbiadini to beat Austins 18 by 3.

Top 3: Man city, Chelsea, Man u.

Bottom 3: Liverpool, Everton, Spuds(yeah i know, but i’m allowed to hope).

P. S. God, if you’re reading this(you are everywhere after all), make this bottom 3 happen and i will become a priest/imam/rabbi. Whichever one has got it right, you’ll have to let me know(use the club as my guide).

League cup winners=imam.

FA Cup winners=rabbi.

League winners=priest.

I have listed them in order of probability(religions, not football).


Where will Saints finish? 10th

Cups? qf in the FA - nowhere in the league cup

Saints top scorer? Austin

Who will finish top 3? Chelsea City Spurs

Who will finish bottom 3? Brigton, Huddesfiled Watford

All in all - dullsville

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League Position: 13th
League Cup: Quarters
Fa Cup: 4th Round
Top Scorer: Gabbiadini
Top 3: Man United, Man City, Chelsea
Bottom 3: Burnley, Stoke, Huddersfield

I see a season of frustration and transition. Bring on 2018/19…

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I’d be happier answering this on 1st September but here goes…

League Position: 8th or 9th
League Cup: one before the Quarters
Fa Cup: Quarters
Top Scorer: Gabbiadini
Top 3: Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea
Bottom 3: Burnley, Brighton, Huddersfield

If we land this midfield dude, can get another centre back ready to compete from the off and maybe another wide man with pace then I am confident we will do alright.

A good start will be crucial as we have some favourable ish fixtures to start with.

What I am hoping for from the new manager is that he is pragmatic and picks his battles and takes heed of and respects the strengths of the opposition. Claude didn’t do this enough for me. He played his way every week regardless if we were at home to Burnley or away at Chelsea. For me, that is why we didn’t beat any of the top six in the league.

I am more than up for seeing Pellegrino park the bus and play 10 behind the ball away at City/Chelsea etc provided that the following week when we have an easier game that we go for it. No repeats of Hull at home please.

If we could beat Liverpool at Anfield too that would be swell. Failing that, I am happy for us to turn up with 10 at the back and block the goal line, just to piss them off again and try to sabotage their attempts to steer clear of the relegation dog fight that they will inevitably be part of without Virgil Van Dickhead.


A ÂŁ5 Tyrrell and Green voucher. Pretty good, huh?


Holly Willoughby



League position: 13th

League Cup: Quarter Finals

FA Cup: 5th Round

Top scorer: Austin

Top 3: 1st: Manchester City; 2nd: Chelsea; 3rd: Arsenal

Bottom 3: 18th: Brighton; 19th: Watford 20th: Huddersfield.

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Mourinho will blame someone else for something.

VVD will make a mistake for his new team and it will be so bad that it will even make Lovren wince.

And I will once again be stood within three metres of a total fuckwit in the Northam.