2016-2017 SFC Player Awards

2016-2017 SFC Player Awards


Romeu wins player’s player and fans’ player of the year.




Boufal wins goal of the season.



Yoshida wins President’s Choice Award.


Can’t argue with any of that.


Oriol looks like he’s working the door.


Or a waiter. “Two gin and tonics?”


I think we can safely assume that VVD is off in the summer now. It’s a real shame as I thought he’d give us one more season.


Why do you say that? Because he didn’t win an award? Bit hard to give him an award when he’s missed so many game. Romeu has been there constantly and consistently playing well.


Because he wasn’t even at the awards. He had an ‘appointment regarding his knee which couldn’t be rescheduled’ apparently… Suspicious no?


Is it not bad enough you are drinking gin without adding tonic to it GB? Did the Gin festival teach you nothing?

… or are you with 2 ladies?



Oh, I didn’t realise that. Yes, that’s a bit suspect.


Does it make a difference? Lallana & Schneiderlin were both there, scooped awards and still left.

Never really saw a scenario where VVD was here next season anyway, tbh.


Or it could just be that his (knee) appointment was more important and couldn’t be rescheduled? Who knows? He will go or he will stay. We will find out soon enough but I’m not sure someone is going to pay £50m for a crock so assume he would need to prove his fitness before he goes anywhere?


My guess would be:

Go to the awards = 50/50 chance of leaving

Don’t even go the awards = damn near 100% chance of leaving!


Hmmm, maybe, but it’s not the NHS we’re talking about - I’m sure the club can schedule appointments pretty much whenever they like, and it’s not like the awards do suddenly appeared out of nowhere - it will have been scheduled since near the start of the season I expect so would have been easy to avoid a conflict (I’m guessing) if they wanted the team captain at an important team bonding event…


What the fuck has he done to his knee? We’ll never get 50m for this crock. Fucking Les Reed’s fault :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t know. Perhaps he is seeing a specialist in Europe or America? I wouldn’t automatically assume the worst. I would imagine that a few players who were there might not be around next season. It’s not like he has suddenly been pulled from a match. He won’t be sold until the close season if he is off anyway, so why miss the club dinner unless there is a good reason?


That’s a very good point gav… I think Vardy went round VVD’s house and baseball-batted him, at least that’s what I heard :lou_facepalm_2:


You’re a relentless optimist SOG!


Sorry Os…I’m with SOG on this one.

I tried pessimism years back and it didn’t go well for me…waking up day after day with a tear-drenched pillow.

SOG and I have a few years on you and I can tell you…the euphoria of the Summer Transfer Window is something that will change your life for the better. Admittedly recent summers have had some surprising low points but…not this year. :lou_lol:


An audacious statement TMO … from someone who’s ‘big seller’ is being able to bury your head in the sand !! :lou_wink_2:


I’m very much in the glass half empty category on this one.

Common sense says he will go. He is arguably the best player (at what he does, consistently) that we have had at the club in recent years. Better than Lallana, Mane, Lovren, Toby (I know, I know he was only on loan), Morgan, Wanyama etc etc etc and they all left. When you add to that the fact that we will likely receive a club record fee (possibly even a world record for a defender?) for him it all just screams of inevitability.

If the tabloid media is to be even slightly believed then he is earning approximately £60K-£80K a week and APPARENTLY Arsenal are offering £150K a week and no doubt the others would offer in excess of £100K too. So it begs the question-“how much is the captain’s armband at Saints worth to a man?” Probably not £40k-£60k a week.

There has also been WAY too much noise and speculation for nothing to come of it.

As much as I would love for him to stay, I just cannot foresee any scenario where he is here in September. Possible exception that he is secretly crocked. But that is hardly worth hoping for!

I’d love him to stay and restore in me a minuscule amount of faith in the capitalist system in which we exist. Money talks and always has.


I thought I should add that, until very recently (i.e. last night!), I was in the “He’ll stay one more season” camp, but I’ve had my head turned by Mr Negativity on this one.