[2015 Awards] Prime Beef

It’s awards season. We’re following plan B, and we’re going to do a thread for each fleshed out award category. Introducing the Prime Beef award.

Back when we first started, a common complaint was that we were all too nice to each other. That it was some kind of unholy knocking shop where self-congratulatory back-slapping is the highest form of sexual congress. And you know what?

Those people were right. Sort of. Then.

Six months in, those concerns have fallen by the wayside, people like Fatso joined up and started biting other posters. A brief revival of the pap-Furbs rivalry. JBoy getting annoyed at Cherts.

They said it would never work. They said we’d always get on. Those people are now wrong, so well done to all the wrong’uns that proved them that way.

Sotonians Prime Beef 2015.

  • pap vs StickyWhiteDovePiss
  • Chertsey Saint vs Fatso (state vs independent)
  • Fatso vs pap (best mate gate)
  • Furball vs pap (various, mostly Corbyn)
  • KRG vs imagined-racist-version-of-Rallyboy
  • Chertsey Saint vs JBoy (expensive watch gate)
  • Chertsey Saint vs saintbletch
  • Coxford_Lou vs Tokyo Saint (anything)
  • Coxford_Lou vs pap (the messiah Jeremy Corbyn)
  • Fowllyd vs SO5 4BW (lifelong hetero bickering)
  • Barry Sanchez vs KRG (mock shock, etc)
  • Fowllyd vs saintbletch (butler war)
  • Barry Sanchez vs Fatso
  • Barry Sanchez vs grammar

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Glad to miss out on this one. Looking forward to getting my Mr Nice Guy gong in the post, cheers Pap.

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The Bucks Lou love is up for voting on today’s other awards thread.


We made it Lou! I bet Lou is so nice she has even voted for our beef being the best beef just to be nice. I want to back you up Lou but I have to admit I like watching Barry struggle with grammar and KRG struggle with Barry. I’m only human.

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Goddamnit Tokyo.

Yours and Lous was the first beef. O.G. Beef. The virgin beef. Have you no respect for the sanctity of this special beef?

Yes, yes - I know you’ll pretend you don’t care. It’s unimportant.

Still simmering tho, innit?

Lou’s the best beef you’ve had on here and you know it :lou_wink_2:


Fuck off, I’m not nice, dickhead! I voted for Pap &Furball.

So who voted for us?

Originally posted by @Tokyo-Saint

So who voted for us?

Dunno. Bet it was Pap. He’s been stirring this all along.

Thanks Lou. I think it is important you know I rate you as a true friend. I tried to turn the question around and ask myself “do I give a flying fuck about Lou?” And Lou, the answer was yes. You live near my mum and walk like my dad. I count you as a true friend. Let’s make love.

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Unimpressive, Tokes. The venom is there, but there’s no subtlety.

Get Bear to train you up on Microsoft Paint. Baby steps.

FAO Bear: if he fucks that up, just let him smear his own shit on the walls, as per.

:smile: I’m here to troll Pap, happy to help a true friend out.

Originally posted by @Tokyo-Saint

:smile: I’m here to troll Pap, happy to help a true friend out.

Solidarity, brother.

Happy to help. The forum needs a bad guy and until you get a proper one like Turks, I’ll have to fill in. Otherwise it is just a load of backslapping and friendship league tables.

A MLG is also needed but I can’t do bloody everything. I’m juggling chainsaws here! Bletch will have to take that role.

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Originally posted by @Tokyo-Saint

Happy to help. The forum needs a bad guy and until you get a proper one like Turks, I’ll have to fill in. Otherwise it is just a load of backslapping and friendship league tables.

Yeah, that’d be received forum logic. I wonder if sir has seen the amount of different beefs on the poll. That doesn’t really say “we’re out of beef” or “we all get on, all the time”. There’s been plenty of it.

You’ve said we need a bad guy before. How long have you had that avatar now? What heinous deeds have you done to deserve it, me ol’ lag? Going by the poll above, you’ve argued with Lou.

I’ll give you your dues, mush. You did change “them your mates” to “true friend” today. Twice.


Fuck me, what deadly calamity will Tokyo’s Empire of Trolling Doom serve up next? :lou_sunglasses:

Oh please. Don’t flatter yourself! You’re incapable of being a genuine bad guy! Yer belly’s too soft!


That’s just obvious post bait Pap. I’m not the only one who needs to try harder.

I am starting to like Lou though. Plus everyone knows bear loves a girl with spunk. Keep this up and we will be beefing the place up in 2016. No need for post bait.

Technically, unless his name is pronounced something like Mmaallaager , and hence starts with a consonant sound, then MLG is a series of initials.

If that is the case then the M would be pronounced Emm.

It that is the case then the aspiration of the vowel " Eh" sound at the beginning of the letter M means that we cannot use the ’ a’ form of the indefinite article. We have to use the ’ an’ form instead.

Therefore, it is correct to say that an MLG is also needed.

This is true in English, I’m not sure if it also true in Scotch.

Plus we could fill SMS if it was expanded.


Do you think we are potentially bigger than Chelsea Bletch?

Toke’s a ****.

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I like Tokyo too. But not as much as I like Hypo!