🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


There are only two types of anti biotic you can’t drink with

That’s great odds


But as you are an “honoury girlie” tonight (wearing your best blouse?), we probably need to know what gay concoctions you will be sipping.


Should you have sex when your missus is on antibiotics?

My answer would be yes. Basically because that’s how Young Adult #1 came into existence.


…and now she’s a germ free adolescent?


She’s 23, mate.

Classic case of getting your business done early.



Something’s wrong with the forum - there’s a tear in the fabric of time as I’ve just received a reply from Kenny sent from the 1970s.

Kenny, gay is no longer pejorative.

Embrace your female side, mate - wear a queer shirt, it’s liberating.

I’ll even help you source one in your size (won’t come cheap though - ask the Chipperfields).

But to answer your question - pink gin wearing a nice Ted Baker paisley.


I wasn’t going to let her age stand in the way of that great pun.


Amoxycillin? You’ll be fine. Can I recommend Steam Town, just over the bridge? Some of my mates are dj-ing there tonight.


Having had a relatively smooth end to my second full week in full charge of a development department, I was genuinely ambivalent about getting any beers in.

However, I would like to point out that this thread made the difference. The beers are in, my fine fellows. I’ll not do the @saintbletch thing and call you all cunts later on, although admittedly, that is sober me talking.


Work tomorrow but I may squeeze a couple of cocktails in this evening.


You have the rest of your life to get shit-faced…make sure you’re there to enjoy it. The voice of reason says “don’t drink alcohol whilst taking antibiotics”.

…or you could live dangerously.


That’s exactly where I’m heading @Goatboy.

Will I get punched if I ask for Folk songs?


I’ve just looked that up.

The side-effects include:-

may cause mood swings and sudden urges to watch people dogging on towpaths

I think you’ve found your drug.


They can’t be antibiotics if they are for “prolonged release” - sounds more like knob-drugs…


If that’s what you want.


Tears for Fears and Unity Conflux. Not a bad start.

EDIT: Flock of Seagulls With (Photograph of You) - it’s Kenny’s time warp again.


Ask for New Gold Dream by Simple Minds.

But make sure you don’t insult the DJ by accident.


I’m chilling with a bit of music, quite often singing. I don’t carry many bad notes but the missus is still not happy with the interference with the TV.

“Why’d you think I bought you headphones”, she asks.

“I saw through your subtle plan, Ginge”, I reply.

“There was nothing fucking subtle about it!” she exclaims.

Not sure what I love more, the missus or the fact that the South taught her to swear.


Became ITK about what is going on in thè world



Spill while you’re still too insensible to do otherwise!