🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Are you insured for travel into bandit country?? :astonished:


As well as insurance I hope he has had all his jabs.




Bletch, I’ve told you before about looking in a mirror when you’re seeing double.


Fucking g trains. Cunts


Did you pass out and get shunted into the sidings in Eastleigh…phnarrr



…even worse he’s being reupholstered in the Carriage Works. :lou_facepalm_2:


So how is it that I drink three times as much as last night but feel infinitely better this morning


‘‘Bletch on a Train’’ - A new film by Grandee Productions

Think, ‘Snakes on a plane’, without a plane and only one small snake exposed by a comatose colourful shirted drunken vagrant alone in carriage as it pulls into Eastleigh…


How did the weekend go, Bletch? Did you get suitably twatted?


Define suitably?

Friday with @Rallyboy was great UNTIL the band (a tribute band that @Rallyboy knows well) stopped the gig to announce they were playing a new song “dedicated to Dan in the flowery shirt”.

“Ha hey!” says I whilst punching the air and a’whooping and a’hollering.

The band played Erasure’s A Little Respect.

Everyone looked at me in a new light and @Rallyboy is a cunt.

I don’t have a problem with homosexually but all the 50 something women that had been dancing furtively near me suddenly disappeared.

This post sponsored by Punk IPA - in the Wagon Works for a post work beer with an old mate.



It’s a rare school night beer.

Saints are on the telly, init.

@redjoane can do one :wink:


With you on that one. Wasn’t going to drink tonight, but as you say it’s a Saints night, so opened a Mavrud. Just about to eat, then watch a few of our kids show how little our last 2 managers understood football :blush:


Just had a Crumpet with Marmalade and opened a Doombar.
Cheese and biscuits lined up for half-time and Silton and Port for full-time celebrations.
Got me slippers on and a tartan rug over me legs to keep me warm. Sadly spent me winter fuel allowance already.