🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


I have an elegant solution for you. Drive to the gig, and therefore remain sober and in decent shape for tomorrow’s shenanigans. While you’re there, make sure that the Raleigh Boy necks back three hot chocolates (laced, optionally, with strong spirits), and you’ll be so busy trying to control him that you won’t even notice that you’re sober.

You’ll get home exhausted yet sober, sleep the sleep of a narcoleptic dormouse, and awake primed and ready for the day ahead. You should be able to pass the bill for damage onto the Raleigh Boy, as it’ll be him that causes it.


Was going to suggest something similar, only change the spirits for mdma. That’ll keep the damage down as well, although there will probably be more accusations of sexual harassment.


I think I would rather live with the massive hangover than deal with a sugar laden @Rallyboy under the influence of more than one drink. He had a half in The Rockstone once and was a mess. He’s so much more pleasant when it’s just the sarcasm and relentless piss-taking rather than the booze talking.
Have fun boys.


We’re entertaining old work friends we haven’t socialised with for 40 years. They are both very nice people and I’m looking forward to sharing an evening with them again.

  1. Do I remain relatively sober and keep everyone entertained with my stunning repartee?..or
  2. Get bladdered and remind them why they’ve not shared my company for the last 40 years?



Fuck sake, Bletch. No dilemma. Get wankered tonight, sleep on the couch after having no recollection of getting home. Wake up with Babestation on the TV and your trousers down, cock in hand and Mrs shaking her fist at you. Shake yourself awake then get a big fat-boys breakfast tomorrow and a couple of liveners at the Spoons. Spew up on the train, followed by a couple of overpriced medicinals from the cart to settle the old bread basket and then you’re ready for a day on the jollop in Town.


We have a winner.

I look forward to Mrs Bletch ‘shaking her fist at me’ - hasn’t happened for a while, mind.


Stop worrying about the mistakes you might make and dose them up so much, that you’re guaranteed for them to wake up wondering what they done.
If i had to pick, it’d be B, as you’ll wake up in the morning believing you treated them to your stunning repartee. No guarantee that anyone will think that with option A.
Hope that helps point you in the right direction :blush:




Wot no Turps?



Thanks , I’ll get right onto option 2…they don’t arrive until 7…that gives me a head start.


Turps is weekday drinking mate. Weekend is jollop or sauce! Far more refined!


God you are the font of Sotonians etiquette - put me on the straight and narrow!

There’s money to be made here I reckon- a Sotonians Debrettes if you like…


Numptyboi is my hero. He clearly knows the correct course of action for any occasion or circumstance, and his advice is to be deeply treasured.


I reckon he’s really @Bearsy / @Tokyo-Saint giving it large



May have had a few.


I was in the pub at 12:30 today. Had to take a break to get home though. Still standing (well, sitting).

Don’t think Mrs C_S has notished anythink…hic!



There is little else to do in Cobham but drink ?


I was in the City tbf, where it’s either work, drink and/or eat

Cobham has the bonus that I have somewhere comfortable to sleep as well


That didn’t end well

Why oh why did I drink whiskey after wine- it always kills me


Getting prepared for phase 2 tonight in Skatesville