🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


As a non drinker I feel compelled to suggest a drinker of the year award. Perhaps categorise in respect of most regular/biggest consumer, best capacity in a single night and worst drinker/capacity. Best drunken tale of year and worst hangover etc…


Yes that’s a fair description of @saintbletch.
But what about an award everyone else has a chance of winning?


So I got slightly pickled last night at Sunmer Lodge in Evershot Dorset.

Cracking place - a couple of pints of Jurassic, an Islay G&T, a couple of bottles of Tourraine, followed by a couple of Crozes Hermitage, and a couple of Armagnac to wash it down.

On the food front, confit Quail, then lamb including the best Shepherds pie on the planet and then a massive cheese trolley


Now trying to make room in the booze cupboard -so trying to see off a bottle of Madeira


Drinking the Madeira on its own or having munchies with it?


On its own at the moment

There are a couple of mince pies knocking around somewhere - those will go down a treat, if I can find them.


I have a bottle here bought it 14 years ago. Rainy day/celebration drink.
Can’t take it with me. Mince pies may be a plan for next weekend…


Brilliant with Xmas pud as well


Seven nights without alcohol.

I will be getting a nice bottle of Rumbullion for Chrimbo.


So I found this lonely bottle of Marsanne in the fridge. Well fuck it, mental week so far, it’s therapeutic


Manflu enforced abstinence from the old home wrecker since Saturday. Works Christmas party tonight followed by a meet up with old college mates at lunchtime in London tomorrow, which should finish about 8pm. I might not be able to talk on Sunday. I hope i get off the train at Central without sailing through to Weymouth too. It’s very risky at my age.


Ditto, luckily mine’s in sedate old Bournemouth, however it is being hosted by the local Brewhouse and Kitchen so I will be getting merrily trashed.


Wife away. Friday night.
2 for 1 Bullfrogs and free beer for each time I sing karaoke?
Downside have a 4 hour training course and a presentation to give tomorrow and house work is piling up…


30 more minutes and work can kiss my hairy arse

I shall then beg and plead with the Ayatollah to go to the pub - depending on how that goes, I shall either be on the wrong side of several HSBs followed by the rest of the marsanne and a couple of rums or, if she proves to be totally unreasonable, I shall raid the xmas booze stockpile (I have seen a couple of King goblins in there) polish off the Marsanne and a couple of rums, all whilst huffing loudly about the injustice of the world.


In my Uber.
Couple of Vodka Ted Bulls to warm the vocal chords.
I’ve even rewritten the 1st verse of Chris Rea’s Xmas classic.
What could possibly go wrong…

How cool is this? Interweb to smash your face in a crash…


I have drunk people offering me real money to let them sing Chris Rea instead of me.
Sometimes I love this place, but they can all fvck right off. I’m doing that song tonight…
It’s in the the key of flat sung by a heavy smoker - it was written for me!


The bloody Ayatollah has only used my Marsanne to cook with :lou_angry:


I think I just sang Living on a Prayer


4 pints of HSB and home for venison stew


The Ayatollah decided to open a primativo which isn’t my bag, however this mean I had to open a Chenonceaux Touraine. If you like a citrus wine like NZ Sauvignon but a little more refined this is your poison

Majestic less than £20 a bottle and I would pay double


Been a busy week.