🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


whatever you do don’t wrap them up in a duvet it will end in tears :lou_sad:


I’ll take that on board mate :grinning:


I’ve got one of those bad boys

They make a hell of a dent in a bottle of wine



Why use a glass for a bottle of wine, that’s what the bottle neck is for…


Does Sunday night count?


This thread should probably be ‘who is slightly pickled?’ and will cover all days and hours.


I’ve unilaterally changed it, ready to be chastised by the Bloused One when he recovers from his hangover…


Lordy that was a flippant comment.


I suspect it won’t be for quite some time then…




Can you change it again please? Come on now, “at this moment in time”? Where the fuck else would said moment be? How about “Who is a little the worse for wear and willing to post nonetheless?”?


It was ‘Friday night’ on purpose… is nothing sacred in these times?


No, with great power comes great abuse of power


You’re too intelligent for this place…


How would you know? :lou_wink_2:


This could now be seen to be encouraging getting shit-faced at a whim… whereas the original sentiment was more puritanical - to encourage only getting wankered on a Friday after a soul cleansing week of hard graft… how low have we sunk?


Not quite at the bottom, yet…


Kind of a 3rd from bottom feeling tbh


Well just had a ton of Satay from Lao Pa Sat with a couple of jugs of Tiger - now working my way through the Fullerton wine list



We’re simply reflecting reality. It was never just Friday.