🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?




Any nasty, shockingly grim hangovers today?


Fuck off


Free golf
Free booze. Beef Wellington Apple Crumble & Custard for pudding
Free booze midday.
Bad idea planned to pass out but seems to be building towards a biblical thunderstorm to screw up the F1


Do tell…


Winchester wine festival followed by half a dozen pints and a sizeable slug of rum

I still feel shit


We will be sorely limited on what souvenir wines we can take to Poland so we’re gonna have to drink them.
Thracian Merlot from my trip to Sofia last year
Nom nom nom


My bad.
It was a Syrah


Almost commented about that, but just assumed you were pissed and beyond caring what the label said.
I’m drinking an old vine Syrah ar the moment. Only problem is, i’ve just poured the last glass. Open another, or go on the El Dorado rares.
It’s a tough choice.


I went favourite flavoured Polish vodka Zoladska Gorska. 1st meeting 1pm then training 6 to 9pm might make it


Where is everyone?! Bit of mulled wine before seeing a version of E17 (the two other ones know one remembers and a new bloke) outside my office at the council’s christmas thing followed by rum hot chocolate at home to thaw out.


I’m here

Trying to cook a Ragu for dinner do tomorrow (3:45hrs so far), drink, talk to family and online stuff all at the same time…

The Ragu tastes fantastic btw.


Things are getting a little bit weird and spinning. Didn’t line my stomach.


Thought you’d reposted the picture (recognised the glass - very nice btw), but the curtains are drawn.

Things are weird and spinning?, welcome to our reality



Fuckin me


eating is cheating :smiley:


Got some nice champagne flutes for a birthday (broke one within weeks after having a drink). Anyone else have 3 glasses of lots of sets rather than 4?


Think I’ve got more of “only one left” from the sets of glasses we have. Pewter Toby Jugs are the way forward for all drinks.


At uni I meticulously collected (stole) all the nice pint glasses from the student union over 3 years, must have had at least 10 or 12 individual ones with 3d relief designs and whatnot, I wrapped them carefully in a duvet and put them on the backseat of my car, only for my dad to ‘helpfully’ unpack them when I got home by whipping my duvet out from the backseat and distributing my glasses all over the driveway, none survived :lou_sad:


Only use mugs, when guests come round. The big Sports Direct ones can get a pint in. Save your glasses for special occasions etc