🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Shit shirt.


Congrats on the half century!


I’m still going strong, love you all


I have just had 5 hours kip and will now get a bloody Mary to keep the edge off.


Morning old Bob! Hope the head’s not exploded!


I’m alive :+1:t2:


Should that not be on one of the song threads?


49 today… going out with Mrs Map and Mini Sat Nav for dinner… shitfaced later when i get home as will be treating my self to…

Glendronach 25yo Single Cask, Cask strength (58.6% vol) fully matured in Oloroso Sherry Casks… Mmmm


Happy birthday MOT!


Ta Goaty


I would raise a glass but I’m half way through a course of antibiotics so no booze for me :frowning:


Happy birthday you old grumble. Enjoy the malt!


Happy birthday Cunt of Australia - or whatever you’re known as now.


Ahhh a recurrence of the old problem eh?



Take comfort in the fact you’re younger that @BTripz

Happy B’day!


By a ‘year and 1 day’ no less - He’s looking trimmer than me though… not been out on bike much last couple of months as work and weather kick in… and bad food/booze discipline


Happy Birthday MoT, may you have as much fun as I did last night.

I cleaned up the pub’s supply of Abbot Ale


Antibiotics and booze have no interaction its a ploy by doctors to stop you getting drunk whilst on tablets stay pissed when taking meds it helps.


Point of order @PhilippineSaint


I usually don’t follow Drs orders tbf


Happy birthday you young whippersnapper. Enjoy.