🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Become an Expat, then you learn what it is to “arrive” for Xmas Intiki :slight_smile:


No. You need to meet mine.


This week is the 10th Race to Dubai golf thing. Each year on the Tuesday they have a really cool party on the beach at Atlantis.
I’ve never been invited, gatecrashed every one.
The sheer balls of this man. Not only have I crashed the gig, I’ve been helping out signing real guests in and taking their invites.
There is free booze a lot of stunning food spreads, trick shots, dancing and it will be live on Twitter later as The Hero Challenge.
I may be sluggish tomorrow…
Motion Cadet plonk and Heineken to start when the bar opens in 7 minutes
Its open. Full on TV Studio here!

Strangely there’s just me, Lee, Tommy & Thomas at the bar atm. Damn protocol, no selfies I want as much free beer as I can manage


When your beer almost reaches half way down the bottle. And a waiter is already bringing you another one


As if being bored by James Milner wasn’t enough. I’m drinking free booze & Adam Lallana is here.
I may need a bail bond.


Sounds more like work :grin:


You in Liverpool?
Barry will ba along in a minute :roll_eyes:


By Nobu.
Nom nom nom


Can someone award @Dubai_Phil a new badge, ahem @saintbletch, “the Ligger’s Ligger”


Queuing for some Gordon Ramsey Beef Wellington.
Very proud of myself.
I asked Lallana if he’d won anything since the JPT.
James Milner actually laughed.
Name drop night from heaven. Matt Fitzpetrick just got asked for ID at the bar…




Pickled every night during advent, all for just over £3 a bottle…


Ask him if he’s still going to sign for Stoke.

Or are they too high level for him now?


Lol Pap. I get one moment of genius a decade mate!
Meanwhile the bar staff are stressed.
This was a red wine & a gin n tonic

The gig


Don’t worry it was only a looky-likey evening and Phil was really pished.



I’m dancing to Abba FFS.
In my defence it’s me & about 20 women…

Update I just did those twirl spin around moves.
With Rafa’s wife.
Cabrera not Benitez.
I may be in heaven.
Go google




Cheers everyone


I would never have taken you for a day over 49



Happy birthday!