🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Depends what you were stroking?



I hope its still friday


Off out. Heading to south London for a friend of a friend’s house party. It is fancy dress. I’ve made a small amount of effort. Probably will be slightly pickled later.


Fuck, you still have a cum face? Not married then… or is it wankface?


Both :lou_wink_2:


Looking forward to this. Our wine mates are coming over, the line up is

Gusbourne 2010
Chateau Marguet Nv Rose
Hospice de Beaune Meuseult 2010
Chateau D’esclans Whispering Angel
Chateau De la Grille 2007 Chinon
Bibbiano Chianti 2008
Cheval des Andes 2011
Greppone mazzi 2011 (Brunello)

Plus ten courses of tapas


Too lazy to look up each of them, but guess they’re good.

Look forward to your first post tomorrow/ Sunday



on the wine tonight. I think I used up all my brain cells this week. Struggling to make a choice about dinner. Didn’t get the job I wanted. Lots of wine.


You were too good for them @Intiniki

Remember, it’s their loss not yours.

Forget that one the next one will be better



Thanks @Cobham-Saint I think the reality was I went a bit wrong at the interview. I did use to do the job 2 years ago so I am just about right for them.


I may well be soon.

We now have the threat of the Mother-in-law coming for Xmas.

She’s apparently not going to decide until closer to the day…i.e the weekend before…

it’s now Cobham Saint & kids versus Mrs C_S about laying the ground rules i.e. we tell her to tell us now that if she’d like to be fed and watered at the C_S household for a week or so, then all will be ok-ish (families eh?!) - or if she decides right at the last minute it will sow the seeds of dissension and make it a painful experience for us all.

I know it will be the latter, because she is a selfish ****, but I shall report back.

Now I am drinking…



I too have the mother in law coming for christmas. I nearly killed her last time (she fainted at the dinner table and we had to call an ambulance). Glutton for punishment.


If at first you don’t succeed…


Worryingly unhungover

I am either still twatted or it’s true that good wine doesn’t hurt


I’m a bit fuzzy this morning. Went to The Dolphin last night to watch The Flying Alexanders. Pub’s been done up and is quite pleasant now. Was busy.


It was probably the Glutton in the Xmas dinner that did for her ?


It was the cocktails (now christened The Flatliner).


I was still twatted



I am leaving the country to have christmas with my partner’s parents, brother, sister in law and niece. Thankfully all staying separately. Also have his brother’s 50th. They’re actually quite nice. Is it just a male things re parents in laws?